Friday, January 3rd, 2020 - Muffin Break

All of January, Muffin Break will be serving up lamingtons – with a twist! Made with premium Australian products, these two beauties will take the sting out of summer. Partnering with favourite Aussie brands this January, Muffin Break has created product fusions together with Darrell Lea and MILKLAB!

The Lamington Muffin is Back

Muffin Break’s smash-hit Australia Day classic once again delivers a sweet treat that is rolled in with coconut and stuffed with a Darrell Lea Coconut Roughs.

Discover the NEW Lamington Milkshake

NEW for Summer 2020, this refreshing milkshake is made with MILKLAB premium coconut milk and a Darrell Lea Coconut Roughs, to create an unforgettable drink.

Ready for a flavour explosion? Don’t wait too long! These lamington sensations are at Muffin Break for January only.


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Muffin Break Creates Lamington Muffin with a Twist



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