Thursday, December 12th, 2019 - 4WD Supacentre

The Outdoor Industry has been keeping a close eye on the regular product releases from the Titans of reliable and cost effective camping and 4WD gear from 4WD Supacentre.

One of the latest updates in the massive range of affordable and quality is the BRAND NEW Adventure Kings 90L Dual Zone Camping Fridge Freezer Massive is an understatement when referring to this colossal 90L unit it has a combined capacity of 90L which translates to 144 frosty cans, that’s equal to six 24-pack cartons, being divided into two separate compartments, with individually controllable temperature settings it can maintain frosty temps as low as -18°C all the way up to a balmy 10°C.

The internal temperature regulator allows simple push  button temperature settings and the digital display allows for easy adjustments to settings such as the adjustable voltage sensitivity and built in volt meter for monitoring the voltage right at the fridge!

Just like any outdoor equipment, a fridge is only as good as the internal compressor, which is why Adventure Kings chose the quality high performance genuine SECOP BD-50 compressor, which has earned its reputation through decades of design and research. Not only reliable the SECOP compressor also runs on 12v, 24v and even 240v to allow pre chilling at home before hitting the tracks.

Just like every fridge in the Adventure Kings range, the BRAND NEW Adventure Kings 90L Dual Zone Camping Fridge Freezer uses an efficient and thick polyurethane insulation thanks to its durability and weight savings, coupled up with the durable steel powdercoated body this fridge is truly built to last in the harshest conditions Australia has to offer!

For more information about the BRAND NEW Adventure Kings 90L Dual Zone Camping Fridge Freezer or any other fridge in the Adventure Kings range head to , call on 1800 88 39 64 or even visit one of the stores or dealers Australia wide to speak directly with an expert and see the range first hand.

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