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People-centric navigation solution wins for smart cities tech being rolled out at Universities, NFL clubs, Las Vegas Casinos


[Melbourne, Victoria – PAM has been selected as the winner of the prestigious 2019 Australian Technologies Competition Winner for Smart Cities Technology.

PAM provides intelligent navigation technology that improves the way people move about complex spaces like urban environments, entertainment precincts, casino resorts and stadium districts.

People are less inclined to go to events or public spaces due to home comforts and concerns around safety. It's wearing down our sense of community and hurting Australian businesses. The Sydney-based company PAM is making it easier for us to plan our trips into and around the city and is making it more enjoyable when we get there. PAM deals with the kinds of things that cause the most stress – parking, the way to a specific store, the best pedestrian route across a campus. PAM’s technology can make these critical decisions easier, in real time, by using data and analytics to simplify choices and make excursions out more enjoyable. The award, presented by Victorian Senator David Van, acknowledges that smart cities aren’t just about improving environmental efficiency or transport development. Smart cities must improve the lives of citizens.

PAM CEO Stephen Minning saw the award as not just validation, but motivation to focus on the goals he set out to achieve when starting PAM. “We talk about connecting people to places and helping them understand one another. That is what it’s about; using intelligent technology to make it fun and empowering to connect with the community. This award is a reminder that if we keep putting people first, our customers will respond and want to be a part of that.”

PAM works with the owners of the large environments to help them connect with people, because it’s not just good for their visitors or citizens, it’s good for business. “PAM helps our customers turn their big, difficult spaces into pleasurable, profitable places. If people are happy and relaxed, they attend more often and stay longer. PAM makes sure they always know what’s happening. We ensure they find the easiest way to join in or get where they’re going. It’s great for sales and great for customer satisfaction”, Stephen added.

The Awards, held at the MCG on Tuesday evening, were supported by the Federal Government Department of Industry Innovation and Science plus an array of state and local government agencies. The Smart Cities Award was sponsored by Energy Australia. Australian Smart Cities Week concludes today.


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PAM is the world leader in smart navigation, enabling your environment and your customers to completely understand one another.

Create powerful customer experiences, seamlessly connecting your visitors with events and brands in real-time.

We attract clients who are as interested in Intelligent navigation transformation as we are. More concerned about solving your problem than protecting our interests, we evolve and improve each new space, and each new space evolves and improves us. It’s only when you’re excited by change that you can truly advance the human place.

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Australian Technologies Competition Winner PAM provides smart city navigation to get people back engaging with our cities




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