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It’s time to act on single use plastics, and Mister RYE is right on track with its 1 Million Straws Campaign officially kicking off today, Friday 25th of October at 12:00pm, on the ReadyFundGo Australian sustainable crowdfunding platform:

The Australian start-up aims to fund its initial production of 1 million organic and biodegradable rye straws, byproducts of local Australian agriculture, through a 30-day reward-based crowdfunding campaign. 

By working with South Australian farmers, Mister Rye not only guarantees Australian quality cereal rye but reduces the carbon emissions normally associated with straw production. 

“We are immensely proud to work with local organic farmers, to support the local community and the economy,” co-founder Marion Vigot said. “By working with certified organic farmers, we also ensure the traceability of our products.

"Launching Mister RYE with the community is extremely important for us, as it’s a great way to test our market and see if customers and businesses want to be a part of this change with us.” 

Every pledge will help eliminate single-use plastic straws in Australia, and offer a new local, sustainable and affordable alternative as a reward.

From home use to business packages, Mister RYE has pledges suitable for anyone looking to discover organic rye straws or switch to a better and safer drinking experience for customers. 

“The official legislation on the single-use plastics ban* is coming soon next year so we want to make sure we have the best solution to offer when businesses will be looking for it,” Ms Vigot said. “We also encourage business owners to ask their customers whether they would like a straw or not, allowing them to focus on the quality, sustainability and traceability of their straws as well as reducing their costs.” 

Santosh, owner of Beltana, first University of Adelaide cafe to provide 100% compostable packaging, told Ms Vigot: “It’s definitely a great replacement to plastic, even paper straws, these ones would be much better. You don’t have to go through the process of making them, and traveling. it’s a local product, it’s fantastic.” 

When discussing about the compostable options he currently uses, he added: “The biggest problem with the compostable bin is that people are not utilising it properly, and we will always have this problem, whereas the good thing about rye straws is that even if they go in the normal bin, at least they get composted by themselves. I think it’s a good idea, everybody should give it a go.”

Mister RYE is committed to creating employment for people with disabilities who process the straws, and to donating 5% of profit to local organisations that are also fighting plastic pollution.

"We are here to make an impact, not just to sell straws." Ms Vigot said.

The 1 Million Straws Campaign is going one step further than the drinking experience, offering a very limited once-in-a lifetime experience reward with Mister RYE founders and its farm partners, including an unforgettable day behind the scenes of a 100% certified organic farm.

Mister RYE is available in its original colour, is reusable and 100% biodegradable in a garden, a home compost or a green bin. It also ensures a long shelf life of 24 months, or more if kept in a dry place.

More information and the full video story of the project is available on the campaign page:


Find Mister RYE on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter: 

* The South Australian Government is committed to addressing the impact of single-use plastics, straws being on the top of the list. Proposed legislation will be introduced into State Parliament and a selection of four precinct locations going "single-use plastic free" have already been announced.


Photo caption 1: Co-founder Marion Vigot and Beltana cafe owner Santosh

Photo caption 2: Co-founder Alexis Branlard with this year crops, October 2019

Photo caption 3: Mister RYE in a glass


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Mister RYE

Mister RYE is a new agri-startup launching in October 2019 with the 1 Million Straws Campaign. Based at the international incubator ThincLab Waite in Adelaide, South Australia, Mister RYE is working with local organic farmers using a byproduct from their crops to replace plastics. French founders Marion Vigot and Alexis Branlard started the project in April, being one of the first recipients of the SISA program (Supporting Innovation in South Australia). Mister RYE aims to be a zero waste business following a circularity model and plans to launch other plastic alternatives after the launch of its organic drinking straws.


Marion Vigot
M: 0452543630


Mister RYE officially launches today, Friday 25th of October, at 12:00pm with its 1 Million Straws campaign on ReadyFundGo platform. Pre-order organic rye straws and help eliminate plastic pollution.



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