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PROfound Leadership attended the 2019 Australian Learning Impact Awards on September 28th 2019. The ALIA is dedicated to leading the learning evolution in order to raise the benchmark and standards across the L&D industry. The awards ceremony recognises those in the industry who are working hard to achieve these ambitions through outstanding results and innovative approaches. PROfound Leadership offer programs that promote and support  greater confidence and heightened leadership skills in individuals and teams to make smarter choices and achieve better outcomes.

Martin Probst, CEO Chief Education Officer and Co-founder at PROfound Leadership was delighted to be awarded the 2019 Learning Professional of the Year award. This award is given to an individual who has shown outstanding skill, professionalism and exceptional results through their learning initiatives. Martin has demonstrated his commitment to learning and development and is innovative in his approaches. He continually exceeds stakeholders' expectations and is passionate in helping achieve real impact through PROfound Leadership learning initiatives. This award is a testament to the hard work he puts in every day and shows his dedication to first-rate development.

Martin was also recognised as a Certified Learning Facilitator by ILP Institute for Learning & Performance. CLF is the master professional benchmark within the learning and development industry. It's what sets highly skilled facilitators and trainers apart in their profession. This is a great addition to Martin’s other achievements.

PROfound Leadership was the Runner Up 2019 Learning Provider of the Year. This award is given to an organisation delivering learning initiatives to external clients, and demonstrate innovation, reliability and the impact provided from their initiatives. They offer value and support to their clients, and the solutions they have delivered and the impact to the clients’ business are exceptional. This recognition comes only months after being finalists in the Professional Services Small category at the Wyndham Business Awards.

The PROfound Leadership team had a brilliant night at the awards ceremony and are rightly proud of their achievements as well as Martin’s award.


For more information about PROfound Leadership, please contact Gerda Probst on +61 1300 936313 or by email to [email protected]. Please check out their website for any further information you need.

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PROfound Leadership

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PROfound Leadership is a dynamic Melbourne based business that operates throughout Australia and internationally. Our Learning & Development programs promote greater confidence and heightened leadership skills in individuals and teams to make smarter choices and achieve better outcomes.

Our elite and proven strategies include skills of the future, and empower managers and team leaders to positively impact the people around them and reap tangible results from their actions and authentic leadership style.

Gerda Probst
P: 1300936313
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PROfound Leadership CEO Martin Probst awarded 2019 Learning Professional of the Year and the company excels in other areas too. [Education, Learning & Development, LnD, Professional Development]




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