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Australia’s heartfelt embrace of mental health awareness has led to more people seeking help from psychologists and is leading to longer waiting times, says Adelaide-based clinical psychologist, Alexandra Frost from Attuned Psychology.


“This time of year is traditionally busier than most but we are finding our waiting lists have grown for us and many other Adelaide practices,” she said.


“We are recruiting for two to three psychologists at the moment to make sure we can maintain our duty of care to our clients over summer and into the New Year.


“We have waiting lists and strategies to help manage the load at the moment but there is a real sense that demand for psychologists is outstripping supply in some parts of the country.


“And this might be the tip of the iceberg, given our understanding that the Federal Government’s Taskforce reviewing the Medicare Benefits Schedule for mental health treatment is considering a proposal to increase the number of subsidised sessions clients can access in a year to improve health outcomes. The Australian Psychological Society, after extensive consultation, has recommended in their White Paper to parliament a standard allocation of up to 20 consultations per calendar year and up to 40 per year for those with higher level needs. 


“We are waiting to hear the outcome of this review by the end of this year which is likely to  have significant implications for the community and the profession.


“This could be welcome news for our nation’s well-being, even though it means psychologists might need to increase workloads in the interim and look to recruit more staff to meet the increasing demand for services,” said Ms Frost.


Attuned Psychology is advertising for clinical and registered psychologists to join the North Adelaide practice, starting as soon as possible.


Attuned Psychology's job listings can be found on the Employment Opportunities page on their website.


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Attuned Psychology

Attuned Psychology is an outcome-focussed practice offering psychological and therapeutic services for people of all ages and backgrounds.

It was founded in 2009 by clinical psychologist, Alexandra Frost. Since then, the practice has grown and is now based in Melbourne Street, North Adelaide.

The focus of Attuned Psychology is to provide clients with an objective sounding board to help them find solutions, increase wellbeing, improve relationships, and achieve the life they truly want.

To achieve this, Attuned psychologists blend a range of proven therapeutic approaches to help people bring harmony and balance to areas they feel are blocking the path to a more meaningful life.

Alexandra Frost
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W: attunedpsychology.com


Australia has done such a good job of raising mental health awareness that an Adelaide Psychology practice has issued a nationwide appeal for psychologists to join them as increased demand for services in the city is leading to longer waiting lists




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