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October 10, 2019 - Goosehill Sport is a new contender in the stand up paddle board industry. Goosehill is well known for offering high-quality stand up paddle boards at a competitive price. The Rainbow R series stand up paddle board is the company’s latest product and will be featured in the company’s sales promotion activity for Australian paddle boarding enthusiasts called First Wave in Summer that’s coming out in October. Users who buy two boards can get a 36%-off discount on the second board. This Buy One, Get One 36% Off promotion will last for a whole month from October 1st to October 31st.


Paddle boarding is a new trend in outdoor lovers and didn’t gain popularity until recent years. But it’s seen strong growth and acceptance among outdoor enthusiasts. And the SUP board industry thrived upon this new trend. Many new and powerful competitors started to emerge and Goosehill Sport is one of the top-tier standup paddle board manufacturers. Ever since its foundation, Goosehill SUP has been striving to provide paddle boarding enthusiasts with the best-value inflatable stand up paddle boards and the Rainbow R series is the company’s latest product.


The Goosehill Rainbow R series inflatable SUP board has 3 different models featuring 3 different colors: Blue, Red and Arctic Blue. These boards all feature the same SCE Technology that Goosehill Sport developed. The SCE technology is short for Super Construction Enhancement. With it, the company is able to add an enhanced layer on a traditional single-layer board to make the SUP board more solid and durable without adding too much weight on the board. So the Rainbow R inflatable SUP is able to achieve the goal of being almost as lightweight as a single-layer board and as rigid and durable as a double-layer board.


Paddle boarding, as a popular option for recreational activities, is getting more and more popular in Australia. This First Wave in Summer promotion is held for enthusiasts of stand up paddle boarding in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and other hotspots of paddle boarding in Australia to better enjoy the fun of the sport.


Ever since the release of the Rainbow R series inflatable stand up paddle board, the board has been receiving positive review from different paddle boarding enthusiasts and communities. In order to thank customers for their continuous support, Goosehill decided to roll out this Buy One, Get One 36% off. Customers who buy two boards at the same time can get a 36%-off discount on the second board. Also, there’s a 10%-off coupon code for purchasing one board. This First Wave in Summer promotion for Australian paddle boarding lovers will start on October 1st and last until October 31st

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Goosehill SUPs is a couple founded and operated business dating back to 2010. We are a small group of dedicated and passionate paddle boarders, located at  92 corporate park suite c-806, Irvine, CA.

Goosehill has been focusing on being the most user-centric Inflatable SUPs Company, and we aim to constantly exceed expectations through innovations in this industry.

For us, quality comes first. In fact, we believe that high-quality
inflatable SUP board doesn't need to cost a fortune.

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