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Home Service Franchises on the Rise to Meet Demand


In a time when people are busy at work or trying to spend quality time with their family; home service franchises are on the rise to meet growing demand. Despite a struggling economy, providers of quality home services are seeing an increase in their workload – with a call out for more franchisees to join their expansion.

Whether it’s providing gutter cleaning, pest control or home alarm and security systems, there is a home service franchise system to meet the needs of everybody who is looking at running their own business as a franchisee.

In September, a Who’s Who Legal article noted that despite the struggling economy and recent negative damage to the franchising industry, franchising is still a big player in Australia’s business sector. In 2016, 9% of the country’s GDP was made up of franchise businesses, with the service industry accounting for over 70% of Australia’s GDP and employing almost 80% of the labor market.

Franchising is a $170 billion dollar industry, rising from $146 billion in 2016. These figures reflect just how much the sector is growing – and for franchisees who become a part of the right franchise with the right support, there is certainly a lot of potential for growth in both business reach and income.

In 2018, Smart Company outlined some interesting points detailing what makes the franchise industry successful:

  • Franchise businesses have better rates of compliance with industrial relations law, especially those that received industrial relations support from the franchisor (US Study 2012 and 2010 Fair Work Ombudsman report)
  • Franchisees benefit from marketing, research, development and training offered by company-owned stores (European Management Journal
  • Franchisees often perform better than company-owned stores due to having skin in the game – so to speak. They are motivated by their bottom line (The Conversation)

What Makes a Successful Franchise?

There are three key elements behind the success of franchise services: personalisation, speed and responsiveness. In a fickle world where almost everything can be sourced online, these elements hark back to good old customer service skills.

Customers are often looking for a personalised service that is catered to their needs. They want the person turning up at their door to know what the situation is, to be informed about how the issue can be fixed, and to have the equipment to fix it. This level of personalisation requires some level of research when a customer first calls to ensure a good grasp of the issue before arriving at their property.

We are part of a digital age that sees people having information at their fingertips, able to buy almost anything they want when they want it. However, these customers also want good service, and in many instances, they want it now. What they don’t want is to sacrifice the quality of work produced. Being able to provide an efficient service and quickly respond to customer questions and concerns is one reason the home service franchise is growing so rapidly.

Customer interaction is one of the biggest factors to the success of a franchise owner. The customer wants an immediate interaction and they want it in a way to suit them, whether that be online, on the phone, or in person. Successful franchisees are those that offer consistently great customer service – wherever or however the interaction takes place.

Successful Home Service Franchises

The Mr. Group is one of Australia’s most successful home service franchises. Starting with Mr. Antenna over 25 years ago, today it has evolved into a home service provider with franchises in the antenna, alarms, pest control, gutter cleaning and CCTV service sectors.

Shane Doyle, National Franchisor of The Mr. Group, has been proactive in ensuring that his franchisees are well equipped when starting their business with customised IT platforms that assist in work allocation and back-end reporting systems. These platforms allow franchisees and their franchisor to see how they are going with their goals and performance, giving them the ability to make changes where needed to ensure success.

Franchisees with The Mr. Group are also provided with regular franchise and training meetings throughout the year on top of the introductory hands-on training, both on the job and behind the scenes. What makes The Mr. Group different to most franchises available is that those interested in buying a franchise can go “on the road” for a day with a current franchisee to see if the business suits their business goals and needs.

When asked what makes The Mr. Group so successful, Mr. Doyle said “we are constantly learning and making sure we’re at the forefront of these technologies so that we can give our customers the best experience.”

Mr. Doyle also cited the booking process within The Mr. Group as another reason for their success, stating “customer service is very high on our (and our franchisees’) list of priorities”. This booking process involves customers directly contacting a client care team to book a job. Unlike booking work with many tradespeople, customers are advised of a specific time for their appointment as well as the name of the technician doing the job. The client care team then follows the customer up with an appointment confirmation text. The franchisee arrives at the job armed with the knowledge of what the client needs, discusses any further issues with the client and gets to work. “At Mr. Antenna, for example, our techs also take before and after photos of the installation, ensuring the highest quality is kept for all installs”.

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About The Mr. Group

The Mr. Group is one of Australia’s most successful home service franchises. Starting with Mr. Antenna over 25 years ago, today it has evolved into a home service provider with brands such as Mr. Pest Controller, Mr. Antenna and Mr. Gutter Cleaning.

“Your success is our success”, isn’t just something we say, our entire system is designed around it. We’d love to show you how it all comes together and the resources we provide to help you grow.

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