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This week, Ponderings Magazine is launching audio versions of their stories. This is for the vision-impaired community, and those pressed for time. Ponderings believe that today, more than ever, it is crucial to have a multifaceted approach to consuming media.  Inspired by Chief Editor Kirsten Macdonald’s vision impairment journey and that of a family friend’s child- the audio version is a happy addition. 


With World Sight Day coming up on October 10th it was an excellent time to launch Ponderings Radio. 



Every story published in digital magazine, Ponderings, will be accompanied by an audio format version on the website and on BuzzSprout


 The World Health Organization estimates that, globally, 1.3 billion people live with some form of vision impairment. Ponderings believe this is too many people to forgo the consumption of media in the digital space. They also want to provide busy people with the chance to listen while they work.  


The stories featured in Ponderings cover the light and shade of the human journey.  Quirk and humor collide to shine a spotlight on the issues people really want to know about and the quickly growing subscription base validates triumph over tragedy wins hearts, ears and eyes. 


“People don’t just want to read slapstick stories about celebrities to sell. People want to be inspired, lifted, laugh, they want to see the bigger picture and their intelligence must never be underestimated, and now, they get to listen as well” says the passionate writer, who along with a team of 6 is dedicated to growing the self funded grass roots mag. 


Launched this week, stories are recorded Podcasts style by journalists. Ponderings will include the audio version on the website and on 


A listening format is a revolutionary assistive technology for the visually impaired to consume media. This is excellent news for this valued contingent of the community. 




Ultimately, this alternative story consumption is going to change up the system. It’s a step towards making the audio story format the norm, meeting the needs of the pressed for time and the vision impaired. With the printed coffee table edition of Ponderings set to launch in December it is exciting times in the Ponderings journey.

Interviews can be made by contacting Kirsten Macdonald directly on 0401 409 499 or [email protected] 

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Ponderings Magazine records Audio articles for visually impaired inspired by blindness journey.




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