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A new wave of informed home buyers are leading the way in healthy home purchases by knowing the harsh truths about household dangers and contaminations.  Over the past year Airborne Biohazard Control has seen a shift in perspective from the Australian consumer who are realising the truth about purchasing unhealthy homes with potentially far-reaching economic and social consequences through the increased use of methamphetamine.

The impact of what unhealthy homes and contaminates will have on families are being discussed in depth through the "intelligent digital mesh" that connects people, devices, content and services that are creating the smart switched on home buyer and investor.

Airborne Biohazard Control (ABCMeth) is a  Queensland company situated on the Sunshine Coast that is assisting home buyers and investors in the art of making informed decisions on Methamphetamine and Mould contamination when purchasing homes and investment properties.  Glenn Morgan who is the owner of Airborne Biohazard Control reports that in this new world of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, blockchain technology and automation has given the consumer a lot of advantages over the home buyers of the past. 

This year alone Glenn has helped young families who have purchased homes only to find out that they are left with cleanup bills that run into the tens of thousands.  How many times I have heard “We checked the building and pest, we checked the smoke alarms, we checked the safety switch and we did all the land and council checks available.  Why did someone not mention to check for contaminations.” Glenn said.

One home owner (Dan) said that the answer is very simple - "never purchase another house without first doing a methamphetamine contamination test and ALWAYS search out the real estate agents who offer that point of difference when purchasing or renting a property".  The test provided by Airborne Biohazard Control will cost $250 and provides certified results through laboratory specimen testing for that peace of mind for the buyer.  

So yes the world is changing and these informed, switched on investors are leading this change to accept that houses are unhealthy and there are easy ways to identify and repair the damage before it makes unsuspecting families and pets sick.

If you want to be a part of the new wave of informed home buyers, landlords, property managers and insurers you can contact Glenn though the company website or email [email protected]  Inquire now for your information advantage.


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