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As Aged Care providers continue to seek innovative models of care focused around the patient, Clinpath Pathology have released a new onsite pathology service for aged care operators, which specifically targets older South Australians living in their own homes, within independent community hubs or retirement villages.


Brooke Kenny, Clinpath’s Executive Pre-Analytics Manager says “This new service model allows all patients, with different care packages and needs, to access a primary health care service, in a space where they feel comfortable and which is easily accessible to them.”


Clinpath will continue to provide aged care mobile domiciliary services for those patients who are high risk or physically not able to attend a collection centre.

Clinpath will also continue to work with Residential Aged Care facilities to build and implement services that are tailored to the needs of the facility.

However, as service requirements continue to expand within the Aged Care sector and the need for choice of service grows, Clinpath Pathology are keen to tailor our own offerings to ensure they align with community needs - especially those needs which are of benefit to the primary recipient, ensuring patient care and service excellence are a primary focus at all times.


Brooke Kenny, Clinpath’s Executive Pre-Analytics Manager says “This new service model typically targets low care residential aged care patients, independent living patients and home care patients through access to a highly skilled Phlebotomist who can integrate into the community setting.”


Deb Dutton, Rembrandt Living’s Chief Executive Officer is “passionate about older people receiving the care you would want for your own parents”.

“When another company suggests a service which aligns with your own ethos i.e. a way of living where everyone is known by their name and almost family-like, it seems a no-brainer to consider it.“

“Clinpath Pathology’s proposal highlighted their emphasis on real people, employed locally, to provide a genuine personalised service.

“We love the idea of a Collection Centre based at our new Home Care & Health Centre at our Green Fields site in the inner northern suburbs of Adelaide. It was particularly attractive as the focus would be for servicing our clients, meaning our clients could relax in a setting they were familiar with. We know that having blood or other specimens collected can cause anxiety in some patients. This way, we can be there to offer support.”


The Rembrandt Living Home Care & Health Centre at Green Fields (which will include the new Clinpath Pathology Service) is officially opening Friday 25 October 2019.

Location address
21 Greenfields Drive
Green Fields
South Australia 5107


Stability, local autonomy, local people, and a holistic service.

This new Clinpath Pathology service model proposes the establishment of a Collection Centre within the community setting.

The centre ideally operates within suitable days and times. All staffing is provided at no charge and is managed by Clinpath Pathology.

For routine pathology tests, patients do not need to make an appointment.

Tests that do require a booking to allocate time and resources can be made via our dedicated patients phone line or online.


Medical Leadership for South Australians

Clinpath Pathology is a local, well-established private pathology practice. We have been providing pathology laboratory services for more than 25 years to general practitioners, specialists, private hospitals and aged care operators across South Australia.

Services offered include:

  • Routine Pathology
  • Cardiac testing (ECG, Holter Monitoring, ABP)
  • Specialist booked tests
  • Dedicated courier service.


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Clinpath Pathology

Clinpath Pathology is a highly respected, well established private pathology practice, providing laboratory services to general practitioners, specialists, private hospitals, and aged care facilities in Adelaide, South Australia.

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