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There are an estimated 3.91 million pet cats in Australia & there are 4.62 million people in Australia who suffer with allergic rhinitis or hayfever. This includes pollen, dust, animal dander & more.  Cat Allergies are a serious threat to people’s health.

The New Ziggy Belle Cat Deshedding Brush can help solve that issue by removing excess hair. Which means less shedding of hair on inappropriate places like the couch, on your clothes and therefore, less allergens in the home.



The dreaded cat hair!


I know from personal experience the devastating effects that cat allergies can have on people’s lives. When I first met my partner 10 years ago I was completely unaware of the fact that she was allergic to cats. She stayed over one night and came out in terrible hives. She became very sick and suffered with several respiratory infections. The doctors also diagnosed her with asthma, which caused a lot of breathing problems. She needed constant medication and took a lot of time off work from being so unwell. Being around Ziggy was having a horrendous affect on her health.


It nearly came to the point of me having to choose between my beautiful sweet Ziggy or the person I had met and fallen in love with. Luckily with a lot of medical and cleanliness interventions, I was able to keep both my kitty cat and my partner in my life. I know that there are a lot of cat parents out there that have the same or similar issues. 


The Ziggy Belle Cat Deshedding Brush will help! 


This unique brush has been designed with special teeth to remove dirt, debris, excess hair, dander and loose fur from the undercoat. With regular brushing sessions your cat will shed less hair in the home and therefore the allergens in your home will be reduced too.



The New Ziggy Belle Deshedding Brush especially for cats!


Benefits Of The Ziggy Belle Deshedding Brush:

  • Remove excess hair, dirt, debris and dander during a grooming session 
  • Your cat will shed less around the house
  • Your home will be exposed to less allergens
  • Your cats skin & coat will be healthy & shiny
  • Recommended by Veterinarians


Features Of the Ziggy Belle Deshedding Brush:

  • Sleek, ergonomic design, funky colour
  • Made from strong & durable materials
  • Removable stainless steel blade that can be cleaned & sanitised
  • Protective Safety cover for the blade



  • We are proud to say that our products come in environmentally friendly packaging. No plastic blister packaging that is hard to open!



The environmentally friendly cardboard packaging.


  • With each purchase of the Ziggy Belle Cat Deshedding Brush you will receive a free book written by Ziggy Belle herself (with a little help from her Mummy of course!) which is called “Caring for your Kitty Cat.” 



Each customer will receive this E-Book free. 



To get your very own Ziggy Belle Deshedding Brush please head to:


Ziggy Belle was Founded earlier this year by Cat Lover Sonya Jackson. The business was inspired by her own cat of the same name.



This is Ziggy Belle - my unique one eyed baby girl - the inspiration behind my business.


 “Our mission is to provide the very best in cat products to ensure the health, wellness, happiness & security of all Furry Felines in Australia. Through educational articles we also wish to provide the very latest information for Fur Parents on how to take the very best care of their FurBabies.”

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @helloziggybelle and look our for our Product launch deals. We are offering discounts of up to 70%. But you have to be quick as there are limited numbers of coupons available throughout the 7 days of our launch.



Contact: Sonya Jackson - Ziggy Belle

[email protected]

0410 138 363






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Ziggy Belle

Ziggy Belle was founded earlier this year, inspired by my own Fur Baby of the same name. I saw a gap in the market for specialised cat stores, so I decided to start my own. 

Our mission is to provide the very best in cat products to ensure the health, wellness, happiness & security of all Furry Felines in Australia. 

Through educational articles we also wish to provide the latest information for Fur Parents on how to take the very best care of their FurBabies.




Sonya Jackson
M: 0410138363


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