Thursday, September 19th, 2019 - Mindshift Escape Rooms

Halloween being just around the corner means unexpected guests pay a visit during Fright Night Fridays at Mindshift Escape Rooms.

Two of Mindshift Escape Rooms highly rated mysteries are undergoing a Halloween tranformation during the month of October.

If its the supernatural which piques an interest, brave players can take on the role of fortune hunters as they enter Gypsy Manor and risk succumbing to demonic possesion in their quest to get rich, quick! On the hunt, they must find safe havens inside the mansion as evil gouls begin to circle. With some luck, and wits, the players may just make it out in time, alive.

For those who like serious mental pressure, Mission Metropol players are instantly taken to a zombie apocolyptic world where they are faced with hostile zombies who's only goal is to eat brains. Players must use their own, in order to avoid the zombies attack, solve the mystery and save the world.

Managing Director Nicole Williams who has travelled to New York to be involved in large scale Halloween events such as the Greenwich Village Street Parade states " Halloween has scope to develope its identity in Australia. Over 2 million people line the streets in New York to watch the parade and we are taking some of the hype and bringing it to Adelaide in a handful of unqiue escape room experiences."

Find out what its like to enjoy the Mindshift Escape Room experience -

Mindshift Escape Rooms opened its doors on Pulteney St in December 2018. It offers a licensed venue for large and small corporate clients, as well as schools excursions and social activities.

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Nicole Williams

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Nicole Williams

P: 08 82328208


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