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There’s a lot of hype online about the so-called miracle properties of Curcumin when it comes to preventing arthritis pain, but how do we know which stories are true and which are stretching the truth?

Recently I sat down with the CEO of one of the worlds leading supplement manufacturers and discussed the pros and cons of Curcumin supplementation for joint & muscle pain and I got some insightful answers about how it works and the way in which his company is going about bringing the so-called magic to the arthritis sufferers of the world.

Mark Linford is CEO of Global Health Direct, an Australian based company who markets one of the worlds biggest selling Curcumin supplements, called Outback Joint Care.  Mark can you break down the hype and tell us really why Curcumin is good for pain relief?

Thanks Richard for the opportunity to speak here.  There are a lot of claims about the health benefits of Curcumin, also known as Tumeric, and those claims range from curing arthritis to regressing colorectal cancer, so the stories can get pretty wild out there in the supplement world, and understandably the consumers can be sceptical. But ironically many of the claims about the benefits of Curcumin are justified and backed by clinical studies, but only under certain conditions.

Well thanks for that candid answer, but what are these ‘certain conditions’ under which we can believe Curcumin will benefit us?

Well Curcumin is well documented as an anti-inflammatory and for that reason it is usually recommended for any joint pain, where inflammation is usually the root cause. And this includes arthritis, particularly osteo-arthritis. However, the issue with standard Curcumin is that it has very poor bio-availability. What that means is that it is very poorly absorbed into the human body and just gets excreted from our body in our urine.

This has led to Curcumin getting some bad press about lack of performance and many manufacturers simply ramped up the concentration of Curcumin in their products to try and compensate, and this just leads to diarrhoea. But advances in science over the past few years have developed a process where we can improve that bio-availability dramatically, virtually unlocking the power of Curcumin, where in the past it wasn’t available.

That’s sound pretty impressive Mark, so how does this work? 

Well in simple terms, the process involves blending the Curcumin with Antarctic Krill oil, which improves the absorption into the body by 27 times. This all leads to amazing health benefits, by getting the full benefits of Curcumin without the side effects of diarrhoea. So, the customer gets real anti-inflammatory action and pain relief from a natural source.

So that sounds simple, so is everyone now combining their Curcumin with Krill Oil?

Well, no they are not. While the process sounds simple, in reality its quite complex as you are combining a powder (Curcumin) with a liquid (Krill Oil) and it has to be done in a slurry and then encapsulated in a soft gel tablet form. Only 3 companies in the world have access to the technology, and even for us we were tied to an agreement where we could only market our product in the USA for the first 2 years. But now that license restriction has gone, and we can offer it to our Australian clients.

Okay, that was a complex explanation but it does clarify a few things about why we are only just hearing about this new technology. So let’s get to the 3 main points our readers always want to hear. How do they get this new Curcumin, how will it benefit them, and what will it cost them? 

So our Outback Joint Care, which combines Curcumin with Krill Oil, is available online only, in a jar containing 60 capsules. We sell the product mainly for treating arthritis and other joint pain, but the more you read about Curcumin you will want to take it every day just for the overall health benefits.

The benefits are many, but in terms of pain relief there are clinical studies that show 3000mg of Curcumin is equivalent to the pain relief effects of 800mg of Ibuprofen. You actually get pain relief benefits quite quickly, which is very unusual for a supplement. Most supplements take weeks to work, but Joint Care will start working within a few days, given that it has been enhanced with the Krill Oil blending process.

Then there are the long-term anti-inflammatory benefits for the joints, and these get better and better the longer you stay on the product. Just a single capsule per day will reduce inflammation and start to dramatically improve mobility within 7-10 days.

That’s very impressive. How do our readers try it out, at the lowest risk to them?

Richard I am more than happy to provide the opportunity for people to try our activated Curcumin at a special trial price. But the most important thing to know is we are adamant in providing a 100% guarantee on all of our supplements. We don’t want any customer spending money on supplements that don’t perform how they expected, and so we work tirelessly to ensure everyone is satisfied with the results.  

So any readers who wish to try the Outback Joint Care can click this link  where we have set up a special page with instructions on how to order and also on how to get $10 off the first bottle. This is exclusive to readers of So with the $10 discount they can have a full bottle delivered for only $39.95 and if they are not 100% happy after 45 days we give them the full $39.95 back. We can’t be fairer than that, but what is even more exciting is that we know the products will deliver on the Curcumin promise, because our formulation techniques are world class.

So, again, if any of your readers want to test out activated Curcumin they can go to this page here and get their $10 discounted offer. Our website is fully secure with SSL encryption and customers can pay using credit card, or PayPal if they have an account. Shipping is free in Australia and NZ.

Mark, thanks so much for your time today and we appreciate the support you offer our readers.

The interviewer is Dr. Richard Teague, a US based medical practitioner and advocate of alternative medicines and therapies. This interview was conducted by Dr Richard Teague for and Natural Health Media





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