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Cash 4 Cars Perth WA has some answers. Vehicles are damaged in accidents in Perth on a daily basis.

While sometimes, damage is minor - a broken taillight, dented bumper, bonnet or grill – sometimes, it is major.  And a car must be written off by an insurance company or their owner.

When Insurance Companies write off a car, they pay you to buy a new one

Is there a point in holding on to your old car, once you’ve received your payout from them?

One Cash for Cars company, Cash 4 Cars WA, doesn’t believe so.

“Once 65% or more of a car is damaged, no one will touch it. Not mechanics, second-hand car yards or private sale buyers.

It’s not that the car doesn’t have value in it, it’s just that market perception is that it will be too expensive to repair.”

Cash for Car Companies in Perth are an entrepreneurial bunch

They see value where others don’t – so they are the place you want to sell your old or accident-damaged car that your insurance company has written off, to” - says a spokesperson for Cash 4 Cars WA.

Cash 4 Cars WA offer Free Scrap Car Removals in Perth. You can sell your damaged or scrap car to them and enjoy free towing as part of the deal.

When it comes to buying cars, the engine at Cash 4 Cars WA is always running hot!

“That’s right – buying old cars and recycling their parts is in our blood” – the company says.

An eco-friendly organisation, Cash 4 Cars WA has developed proprietary processes to dispose of old vehicles in their possession over the years.

The car’s body is first stripped of paint – which is toxic to human an animal health.

Paint strippers used are heat and water - not chemical based. By ensuring chemical solvents don’t seep into the Earth, Cash 4 Cars WA ensures that our waterways stay safe the way they’ve always been.

Cash 4 Cars WA goes further than other Car Removal Companies 

They degrease parts – cleaning them of oil and fluid before they get rid of them.

Working parts – they sell for a small profit to auto-wreckers and second-hand car parts companies in Perth and other parts of Australia.

Car Wreckers will pay you Cash for your Car

It doesn’t matter whether it’s brand new or whether its been wrecked in an accident. Car wreckers – who also double up as Cash for Car dealers – pay well for old cars. Prices they offer could be as high as $9,999 if your car is near to new.

If your car is old, the price will vary accordingly.

Car Wreckers buy all car brands – makes and models

Toyotas, Mazda’s, Mitsubishi’s, Hyundai’s, Ford’s Holden’s – they buy them all.

If you’d like to sell your car, Cash 4 Cars WA would be pleased to buy it – offering you a price that matches market expectations or beats them.

To get your FREE car Quote, please call them now on 0402 126 513

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If you’d like to sell your car, Cash 4 Cars WA would be pleased to buy it – offering you a price that matches market expectations or beats them.




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