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Canberra is a city of civil servants – a fact few who’ve lived in Canberra would argue with.

Yet, in this city which is home to Floriade and which hosts the embassies of the world’s richest countries - expectations of service level standards are high.

“People in Canberra are not easily impressed, or satisfied”, a resident who is also a Government Civil Servant tells us.

“Even when it comes to a service as simple as Car Removals, Canberra residents want companies that are diligent and that pay ‘attention to detail’.

Canberra wants Car Removal Companies to treat them right

They want speed, responsiveness, courtesy and care from cash for car companies who double up as car removal services - removing cars that have been irreparably damaged or written off by car insurance companies – for FREE.

What Canberra Car Removals tells us about damaged cars?

It normally costs owners between $65 to $165 to get a Towing Service to tow an accident-damaged car or a car written off by insurance to a local dump or rubbish tip in the city.

However, if the car-owner contacts a Cash for Car dealer, they will waive the Towing Service Fee and may also give the owner a small, token sum of money to sell their vehicle to them.

Why would anyone pay money for a car that’s been damaged in an accident or written off by an insurance company?

The answer is simple – there is hidden value in old vehicles that have been damaged in accidents or written off by insurance companies.

This value can be ascertained over the phone in a few minutes by calling a leading Cash for Cars Canberra company, at present, Canberra Car Removals. Their number is 0427 078 645.

The price is right – so is the service at Canberra Car Removals

Canberra Car Removals realises the important Government Civil Servants, or even Members of Parliament – and their wives – place on impeccable standards of service no matter what product or service they are considering purchasing.

Canberra Removals understands these expectations and does its utmost to deliver to them.

With over 300 cars removed in Canberra and other Australian Cities though affiliate organisations involved in removing cars for cash, the company promises its customers speed, reliability and promptness with the way it buys old cars and exchanges cash for them.

To enquire about selling your car to Canberra Car removals, please call the company now on 0427 078 645



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Canberra Car Removal understands what its customers want: speed, responsiveness, courtesy and care. So, the Cash for Cars company works hard to provide them all that and more.




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