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Cash for Cars businesses in Australia aren’t known for trust – but one company is trying to change that - SA Car Removal.

SA Car Removal is a Cash for Cars company in Adelaide and Car Removal Service that pays people in Adelaide to take their old, worthless cars away.

Why would someone pay you to take away a car that may no longer run?

Well, Cash for Car companies take old cars and recycle them. A growing market, estimated by the Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo to be worth $175 million a year, Cash for Car companies are growing because of what they combine – excellent customer service with growing ethics and sustainable business practices.

Cash for Car companies in Adelaide are coming of age

No longer as disorganised as they once were, they are fast professionalising their presence and services. Earning a reputation for excellence in the speed with which they respond to client queries plus the satisfaction with which they discharge them.

Leading the charge is a new breed of Cash for Car companies like SA Car Removal Services Adelaide

SA Car Removal Services Adelaide is determined to give the Cash for Car industry in South Australia the respectability it deserves.

Here’s what a company representative had to say, “A commitment to ethics plus the placement of client interests first were what would be driving its strategy for 2019/2010.”

A leader in individual, and fleet-based Car Removals, the company’s clients include local councils who have impounded abandoned cars, companies plus individuals whose cars have met with accidents and whose insurance companies have written them off.

SA Car Removal is trusted by those who demand more from companies they do business with, says their CEO

“What drives this trust is the commitment our staff display all the way from taking our customers calls, providing our clients with the detailed valuations they request over the phone itself, to the speed and promptness with which we dispatch a team to pick up their car, ourselves, from their residence.”

Service is what drives all businesses today

“A product can be duplicated - a service can’t be” a company representative for SA Car Removal said.

“And that is why we’ve made ‘Service’ our key value proposition and placed it at the core of our business. “

There is hidden value in every car – old and new

You’ve got to find this value – something Cash for Car companies are providing to be very good at.

Cash for Car companies hold an advantage over Used Car Dealers because Used Car and Second Hand Car dealers will only exchange your old car for a new one – whereas Cash for Car dealers will buy it off you for a price which they will pay in cash – on the spot!

SA Car Removal is offering FREE Quotes for Cars over the phone, at present. To obtain your FREE Car Quote please call them on 0499 924 136.

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SA Car Removal is a Cash for Cars company in Adelaide and Car Removal Service that pays people in Adelaide to take their old, worthless cars away.




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