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Diverseco, one of Australasia’s leading industrial measurement and automation organisations, is delighted to announce news of exciting organisational changes that are effective on Monday, 1st July 2019.

Prior to 1st July 2019, Diverseco comprised the following group of companies that traded under the brand names AccuWeigh, Robot Technologies-Systems Australia, AccuPak Australasia, AccuOnboard, SCACO and Ultrahawke. Each of these companies have recently rebranded and adopted the Diverseco brand name.

The Diverseco group’s multifaceted capabilities and core competencies are both broad and deep and span all services and products involved in the delivery and ongoing support of weighing and dimensional measurement, robotics automation, end-of-line packaging and product inspection systems.

Historically, while each of these companies operated as independent business units; their product and service offerings complemented each other, they shared similar capabilities, and, being part of the Diverseco group, they shared the same ‘can do’ company culture.

Brenton Cunningham, CEO Diverseco said, “Following extensive market research into how we could deliver maximum value to our customers, it became clear that we had a strategic choice to make to secure the company’s continued future growth and success.

“While our primary business objective has always been to deliver our customers’ good value by combining an understanding of their needs with our team’s problem-solving expertise and the technologies in our portfolio; our customers often reported that they unsure as to which operating company to use, and were looking for us to provide an easier way for them to access all our resources.

“The feedback was clear. Our customers wanted us to attain a deeper understanding of their business needs, improved access to our broad skill base, subject matter experts and full scope of solutions,” Cunningham said.

With this key strategic objective in mind, Diverseco’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors decided that this goal would be best realised by restructuring the organisation and revitalising its operations to generate new synergies that would enable the company to employ a unified, whole-of-organisation approach to responding to customer requirements.

For these reasons, the changes have involved each of the business units employing one shared set of operating systems and processes; one shared set of assets and resources; cross-skilling technical teams; adopting one shared mission, one brand and one trading name. Therefore, the time is right to bring the holding company name Diverseco to life as that trading name.

Cunningham said, “The decision to amalgamate each of these companies into one organisation, Diverseco Pty Ltd, will enable us to adopt a more proactive, more coordinated response to our customers’ challenges and the measurement and automation capabilities they need to acquire to remain competitive and forge ahead in the marketplace.”

 “In some administrative respects, it remains business as usual for our current customers. Put simply the business’s (including the assets and liabilities) of our wholly owned subsidiary companies have been transferred to Diverseco Pty Ltd. This transfer of business provides for a unified approach to our Terms and Conditions, policies and practices,” Cunningham added.



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Diverseco Pty Ltd

Originally evolving from the industrial weighing sector, Diverseco has built on its capabilities to become one of Australasia’s leading integrated measurement, packaging and robot automation solutions provider to a broad range of industries.

Since the establishment of AccuWeigh in 1992, the company has grown through mergers and acquisitions to become the international company it is today, with offices and operations in every Australian mainland state and internationally in New Zealand, Singapore and China.

Prior to 1st July 2019, Diverseco comprised the following strategic business units that traded under the brand names AccuWeigh, Robot Technologies-Systems Australia, AccuPak, AccuOnboard, Scaco and Ultrahawke.

Diverseco’s capabilities and core competencies are both broad and deep. They span the supply of all services and best-of-breed technologies involved in the design, development, implementation and ongoing support of weighing and dimensional measurement, end-of-line packaging, product inspection, and robotics automation systems.

Diverseco is driven by continuous improvement of its people, processes and operations; heavy investment in training and technology; and continuous innovation, which includes revitalisation of its operations by changing the scope of its business and competitive approach.

With a global customer base and long-standing relationships with prominent international suppliers, Diverseco has won many business and entrepreneurial awards and prides itself on the contribution it makes to society through a range of charitable programs.

Mark O’Leary, National Marketing Manager, Diverseco
P: 0884475011
M: 0408993672


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