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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: Monday 24th June, 2019 – Blue IoT has taken out the 2019 IoT Pioneer Award at the IoT Festival, Melbourne Exhibition Centre on June 18th 2019.
With stiff competition from many great entries, the award was given in recognition of the development of the world’s first Virtual Intelligent Building and Environmental Management Platform called “Encompass Blue”.

Apart from traditional building automation, this disruptive platform delivers big cost savings, predictive maintenance and condition monitoring, supports health and wellness, human comfort & productivity, safety and OHS. Blue IoT likes to think of this as a multi dimensional Building & Places Environmental Management Platform that delivers:-

• A 50% minimum Capital Cost reduction over conventional systems
• Substantial reductions in carbon footprint, sickness, risk and insurance
• A focus on health and wellbeing of people
• Highly cyber secure wireless connectivity throughout
• Substantial reductions in energy and maintenance costs
• Data interpretation by domain experts that deliver real value returns
• Aggregation of data from multiple sources at low cost
• Predictive Maintenance
• Shorter implementation and/or change times
• It’s non-invasive within buildings - little or no cabling
• Built in redundancy throughout the platform
• Implemented within a Tier IV Uptime Institute certified data centre

Bob Sharon, Blue IoT’s Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, said that recognition by industry peers is a testament to such a great achievement by an amazing team. “What’s so exciting is that we get to rewrite the rules and cause great disruption that will deliver much greater benefits to industry, communities, regions, people and the greater environment.”

Blue IoT is a Green-Tech company that integrates smart and intelligent buildings, cities, factories and spaces with a focus on both infrastructure and people. By leveraging disruptive technologies, major improvements and positive changes never thought possible can now be achieved for the betterment of society.

For all media interviews and enquiries, please contact: Bob Sharon, [email protected], 0407-245-335.


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Blue IoT

Blue IoT is a disruptive smart cities integrator, making substantial reductions in carbon footprint, energy, maintenance and operational costs while improving safety, OHS, human comfort, health and wellness in buildings, facilities and infrastructure of all kinds. Leveraging a range of leading edge technologies, Virtual Intelligent Building Management & Environmental Platforms, Cyber Security, IoT, Cloud, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Secure and resilient Communications Protocols, Blue IoT delivers smart and intelligent buildings, facilities, data centres, infrastructure, spaces, cities, manufacturing and agriculture.

Our integration, innovation and management are the glue that ensures results are pushing $$$$ to the budget bottom line while reducing carbon and pollution impacts to our environment.

In dealing with Blue IoT “The positive impact on your bottom line is our responsibility”

Bob Sharon
P: 03 9566 7288
M: 0407245335
W: www.blueiot.com.au


MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: Monday 24th June, 2019 – Blue IoT has taken out the 2019 IoT Pioneer Award at the IoT Festival, Melbourne Exhibition Centre on June 18th 2019.



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