Monday, June 24th, 2019 - Arcaro Couture

Sustainable fashion is now a large part of the emerging manufacturing philosophy and movement towards our environmental. Arcaro Couture is one of very few Bridal representatives creating unique Bridal and Evening wear for eco-conscious consumers.

Arcaro Couture is delighted to announce the unveiling of the Eco Glamour Bridal Collection, ‘ Diverso Stagione’, meaning diverse seasons. Featuring 20 Couture Bridal and Evening Gowns with a difference, the Arcaro label specialises in environmentally friendly creations that are ethically made in Perth.

“The latest collection is inspired by the uniqueness of the seasons with an all natural edge”, explained founder Angelina Arcaro. “Highlighting natural elements such as Silks, Merino wool, Ostrich plumes, gemstones, Swarovski crystals, Freshwater Pearls and reworked jewellery.”

A highly qualified Couturier in a career spanning 40 years and counting, Angelina has spent the past 18 years perfecting her  craft, consistently choosing to use natural, eco-friendly materials that she believes  not only wear better than synthetics, but help in making contributions to a better environment.

“I am very aware of the damage we inflict on our planet and employ approaches to counteract this as much as I can. I’ve always been waste conscious even in day-to-day life, adopt sustainable approaches, and endeavour to use natural and reclaimed embellishments in my designs", Angelina said.

Arcaro Bridal and Evening Wear suits women who appreciate style and luxury, but are also environmentally aware. Working with the latest trends without being governed by them, these eco-friendly designs strive to work with natural materials to create gowns that exude high class - without damaging the environment.


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Arcaro Couture

Angelina Arcaro Price created Arcaro Couture in 2003, with the vision to create unique bridal and evening wear for every women.

From a very young age, Angelina knew she wanted to be a fashion designer and by age 11 she was designing her own clothes and producing them on her mum’s treadle sewing machine. Since gaining her ‘Diploma in Fashion Design, Angelina has spent the last 40 years immersed in the fashion industry and continues to design and construct individual gowns for stylish women of all shapes and sizes and ages.

Arcaro Couture won the Fashion Industry Award in the Belmont Small Business Awards in 2015 and Angelina has been approached by Fashion Week Studio to present her collection on the runway for ‘Paris Fashion Week’.

Angelina Arcaro
M: 0409 046 365


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