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The sunglasses you wear to the beach, for hiking or just for a sunny day are not there just to make you look fashionable among others, but there is a deep-rooted reason embedded within them. The Vision Council aims to spread the awareness of how important a pair of sunglasses are and how they can protect your eyes from getting impaired by blocking away the harmful effects of the ultra-violent rays released from the sun.

The campaign was launched by the Vision Council in 2017 to educate the people about the terrible effects of overexposure to sunlight and how they have to be protected before it is too late. Our eyes are way too delicate and wouldn't lose their power unless they get their well-deserved assistance. i.e, sunglasses.

What are the harmful effects of UV rays?

There are 2 types of UV Rays.

UV A rays can impair your core and inner vision.
UV B rays can damage the front part of your eyes which is very sensitive to light.

The aftermath of being exposed to sunlight with naked eyes can be irreversible and might also result in permanent blindness.

Some of these effects are :

• Retina regeneration
• Cataract
• Corneal sunburn

But why to go through all this when you could protect your eyes just with the right pair of sunglasses?

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