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South Australian innovation specialist LeapSheep has announced a new workshop to help property industry employers and staff harness opportunities from disruptive change taking place across the property sector.

The Eastside Startup Series event on June 25 will be hosted by the City of Norwood, Payneham and St Peters at Brick+Mortar Creative.

LeapSheep CEO Kirk Drage said that to date, the Australian construction and property industry had hardly been synonymous with innovation, relying on ideas developed overseas to support the growth of the Australian construction sector.

“Just as the sharing economy has disrupted old business to consumer models, PropTech and ConstructionTech innovations are transforming a highly regulated and conservative industry,” said Mr Drage.

“Like all change, some will thrive but others will struggle to find their place.  Our goal with this new workshop is to provide insights into the opportunities to fuel business growth and build careers.”

Mr Drage will present a keynote address before moderating a panel of PropTech innovators:

·       JiaMing Kok – Founder of Home 3D - Home 3D uses Augmented Reality technology to solve the sales and marketing challenges associated with visualising "off the plan" Real-Estate developments.

·       Rachel Kidwell - Founder & CEO of TCPinpoint - TCPinpoint is a property centric, cloud based software platform developed by property people who have a full understanding of the challenges experienced in the delivery life cycle of the built environment.

·       Marco Salinas - Co-Founder & CEO of Hubble, a Construction-Tech company that is setting out to transform the “building journey” into a more sustainable experience.

“We’ll be discussing market trends and the companies and investors leading the way,” Mr Drage said.

“Some of the issues facing the construction industry are not businesses looking to disrupt, but rather looking to provide new business models that leverage technology to deliver improved safety, quality, time and better customer experiences.”

LeapSheep is looking to assist employers and engaged employees in the sector develop a deeper understanding of where disruption fuelled growth is going to drive business and job opportunities.

 “The property and construction sector presents higher barriers to entry for technology adoption due to the challenging physical environments and diversity of activities,” Mr Drage said. 

“These barriers are increasingly being breached by maturing technologies and we’re seeing a growing sense of momentum from both established companies and start-ups looking to innovate in this space both locally and globally. 

“As a result of this disruption there are more societal impact and wealth creation opportunities in the next decade than anything we seen historically, so it’s critical we help get people on the right side of this disruption for everyone’s benefit."

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Technologies and business models disrupting the Property Sector will be put under the microscope at our Eastside Startup Series event, PropTech Potential, at Norwood on June 25.



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