Tuesday, May 28th, 2019 - Slice of Brooklyn

After a scorching start to its high-speed build-your-own pizza concept store in Adelaide, Slice of Brooklyn is looking to fund its franchise plans and expand through an equity crowdfunding campaign on the Birchal platform.  The funds will be used to expand interstate, initially into Melbourne, then along the East Coast.

Slice of Brooklyn make a thin crust, New York style pizza using all natural premium ingredients ordered on demand by the customer (think Subway). The pizza is cooked on an Italian stone oven in 2.5 minutes, which makes it perfect for a lunch stop as well as dinner. 

Investment starts at $100 up to the entire funding amount. What’s the upside? Slice of Brooklyn offers profit sharing dividends as soon as possible; the potential to own a part of the next big fast casual food franchise in Australia; and lots and lots of discount pizza.

Slice of Brooklyn founder Ned Hasanoff (who hails from Brooklyn and perfected his craft in NYC) explains his investment offer in a quick and simple way, just like his pizza.

“We’re giving investors a good portion of our company for a modest investment," he said. "We want them to share in our success as we grow as co-owners of our business, that’s why we are offering things like free or discount pizzas, profit sharing and a chance to play a part in the next big fast casual food offering in Australia.”

Fast casual dining has been the fastest growing area in dining in Australia over the last decade, and Hasanoff's goal is to become Australia’s fastest growing and highest rated fast casual food player.

"With companies giving consumers fresher, more natural and better priced options, Slice of Brooklyn has the potential to become the next big food concept," Hasanoff said.  

"We offer endlessly customised fresh pizzas, top rated reviews from social media and restauarnt critics, all natural hand tossed dough with just five ingredients, and our furiously hot stone base oven that churns out pizzas in just over two minutes. We believe Slice of Brooklyn ticks all the boxes for investors."

Along with the Adelaide concept store, the proof of concept from overseas data is very compelling. Fast casual build-your-own pizza concepts have taken the US by storm, opening up over a thousand stores since 2012 and attracting millions in funding and billions in sales.

"The combination of speed, price and quality translates well to the Australian market, where a fresh and healthier option for pizzas is sought after," Hasanaoff says.  

Just like its founder’s fast talking and fast walking qualities and with expressions of interest for fundraising now underway on the crowdfunding platform Birchal, this pizza shop is on track for growth the only way it knows how: blazing fast.


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Slice of Brooklyn

Slice of Brooklyn is a new concept for pizza in Australia. Custom made pizzas which are made in front of the customer (think Subway) and then cooked in a very hot oven in around 2 minutes. 

Our style is not only speed, but also quality. We have been given top ratings by Channel 44, the Adelaide Advertiser and  on many social websites such as Google and Facebook. 

Our founder is from New York City and has perfected his pizza craft from master pizzaoilos in the boroughs of NYC, especially Brooklyn. 


Ned Hasanoff, Founder & Director
M: 0450768791
W: sliceofbrooklyn.com.au


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