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Byron Shire, NSW, April 29, 2019:  Hemp Collective, a hemp grower and manufacturer at Mullumbimby, NSW, has taken steps towards zero waste with an exciting new complementary addition to its product range: hemp shampoo and conditioner bars in a solid form, helping consumers to eliminate plastic waste and decrease their environmental impact.

The solid bars are locally made by Hemp Collective in the Byron region with Australian hemp seed oil. The vegan-friendly bars contain cruelty-free ingredients with No palm oil, No Parabens, No SLS, just high quality, organic, plant-derived ingredients. To boot, the bars are designed to last longer than liquid and allow for approximately 70 washes, depending on usage.

The Hemp Collective story began when co-founder Maxine Shea was diagnosed with a Pituitary Brain Adenoma, a TSH secreting (Non-Cancerous) brain tumour, seven years ago when their son was 18 months old.

Symptoms included chronic headaches, days of deep depression, fatigue, fluid retention and hormonal problems. Within three months of being diagnosed, Maxine had brain surgery to remove the tumour, however, due to the location, not all the tumour could be removed, so it just kept growing.

When Maxine and her husband Mike Shea asked what they could do to stop the tumour's growth, their options were presented as pharma drugs or more surgery. Instead, they researched hemp and it just made sense -- though access was a "whole other issue", Maxine says.

By building a business in hemp, the Sheas want to build a sense of empowerment and community, as well as providing ethical consumption and cause-related purchasing to their customer base and supporting Australian Hemp production for the future.

Maxine continued her studies in Zero Waste and Resource Recovery to facilitate and develop Business Waste Minimisation and Resource Exchange programs in New Zealand.

"We find ourselves stepping away from ‘throw-away’ society and social culture we have become accustomed to, and leaning more towards awareness," she says."We are choosing something better. All of us have now experienced the devastating first-hand effects of plastic waste and science is undeniably clear: we need to make a change.

“People ask us why did you use Hemp Seed Oil? It has so many benefits better for the planet in many ways. Not only does growing Hemp absorb CO2 while it grows through natural photosynthesis which makes it carbon-negative, Hemp seed oil is also packed with Omega 3 and 6 amino acids, and is high in vitamin A and E to give you a cleansing, repairing and conditioning effect to the skin and hair (it’s a super-food for your hair).”

About Hemp Collective

Hemp Collective is a family run business run in the Byron region, proudly Australian owned and operated. The company strives to support regional and sustainable production, making safe, high-quality goods, and to reinvigorate our society, by applying craftsmanship and quality that’s valued above over-consumption and standardisation.

There is a big social movement towards zero waste and sustainable business models and the founders, Maxine and Mike Shea, believe there are so many ways to do this and hemp is one of them, with the aim to help shape future generations.


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Hemp Collective, a hemp grower and manufacturer at Mullumbimby, NSW, has taken steps towards zero waste with an exciting new complementary addition to its product range: hemp shampoo and conditioner bars in a solid form.



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