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Gold Coast label Lahana Swim takes over Bachelor in Paradise

The Gold-Coast based swimwear company, Lahana Swim has taken over summers worldwide and is now taking over loungerooms all across Australia, with their signature cheeky cuts being spotted in every episode of the Bachelor in Paradise.


Lahana Swim’s cheeky bikinis are the swim of choice for Bachelor in Paradise contestants this year with bachelorettes; Brooke Blurton, Cat Henesey-Smith, Cass Wood, Tenille Favios and Alisha Aitken-Radburn seen getting to know their potential love interests in several of their favourite Lahana cuts. When you spend all day in a tropical paradise, drinking and flirting, then you definitely want to stand out in the fiercest swim you can find.


Even Richie Strahan love interest Rachael Gouvignon is overheard complimenting Cat whilst in her ‘Blossy Sari’ bikini by the pool, “You look very good right now... the whole get up you’re in”. With viewers sensing the outfit envy in Rachael tone of voice right through the tv.


Fellow contestant and girl-next-door, Cass Wood is seen wearing Lahana Swim in every episode; turning heads in the fierce red Azarha set alongside Australian sweetheart Brooke Blurton in the Khaki Mayla. The girls can't get enough of this brand, with every episode being dominated by Lahana Swim.


The Australian label, with its viral Instagram following of nearly half a million followers, is now a truly dominant swimwear label worldwide. Founded in 2015 by two sisters who didn’t want to live the nine to five life, developed an appreciation for beautiful exotic prints and rich colours. From the desire to live free and be creative, Lahana Swim was born. 


Co-founder Ramana Benson says “The non-judgmental environment we grew up in, is what encouraged our creativity for the brand and freedom from there, Lahana Swim was born.”

Lahana Swim is the brand of choice and an obvious favourite amongst the girls in paradise.


Lahana Swims use of bold prints and minimal cuts make it easy to catch both the attention of the customer and the viewer.

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Lahana Swim

Lahana Swim is a Gold Coast coast swimwear label four years young and dominating the swimwear market. The minimalistic designs are inspired by Australia's love affair with salt and skin.  High-quality luxurious fabrics and cheeky cuts catch the eye and keep you looking, designed to make a powerful statement full of confidence. 

Lahana's pieces are designed to make women feel like warriors, lahana baes worldwide are joining the nearly half a million strong social media following, inspiring a movement to take over Sumers worldwide. 





Kunti Benson
M: 0432580820
W: www.lahanaswim.com


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