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Tragically (in light of the terrorist attack in New Zealand), the recently released crime-thriller, Big White Lies, predicted the rising threat of radical white supremacists in Australia. The novel’s premise is equally controversial - What if there were sinister motives for removing Aboriginal girls during the stolen generations? What will the modern-day investigation into those events reveal? The tagline - The harsh Australian outback hides many secrets. Is a nation’s greatest shame one of them?

Big White Lies is a work of fiction, but its’ messages to politicians and general society are very real. The main protagonist, Dan Porter, has been described as ‘the Australian Jack Reacher’. He asks tough questions of politicians that are extremely relevant in the current climate, and controversially, reveals members of government as active white supremacists. To quote him from the book, speaking to the Australian PM - ‘Are you blokes that stupid? You reckon racial supremacists don’t exist? From what I’ve seen, and the files confirm, they’re more prevalent than ever.’

Big White Lies has performed well in the US market, and received excellent reviews since its’ release by JLD Press in January 2019. Sales and exposure in Australia have been slower, and the author seeks reviews from prominent journalists who can appreciate the novels’ ability to spark debate in the Australian media. The book has the potential to be the most controversial Australian release of 2019, and Australian readers will be shocked by its’ tragic prediction regarding the dangers of domestic terrorism and extremist ideologies.

Big White Lies by Jay Darby is available in paperback and ebook at Booktopia, the Book Depository, and Amazon Australia/Global. The author can be contacted at [email protected] and www.jaydarbyauthor.com

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