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Klugo Pty Ltd is delighted to announce the appointment of Mark Culverson as its new CEO, effective immediately. 


Since April 2018, Mark has been instrumental to the growth and continual improvement of Klugo's NetSuite sales practice, professional services and NetSuite development services offerings in his current role as General Manager. 


Mark will take over from Annaliese Kloé, current CEO and Board Member, as the business starts its next chapter of growth and expansion.


New Horizons for Annaliese Kloé

The decision to step down as CEO of Klugo has primarily come about due to the rapid success and international growth and expansion of Klugo's sister company, Next Technik. Next Technik is a NetSuite Product Development house and has pioneered the market with the leading Built for NetSuite Native Field Service solution, NextService. 


Since 2014, NextService has gained international acclaim as the leading Field Service Management solution for NetSuite customers. In 2018 Next Technik proved its dedication to the North American NetSuite customer base by opening its US office in Dallas, Texas. Since operations commenced, Annaliese has successfully managed both Klugo and Next Technik in tandem. However as both businesses continue to excel, the need for "fearless focus" has become apparent.


Annaliese says:

"I am excited and proud to have built Klugo's executive leadership team to a point where I, as CEO am confident to step back from the day to day management and concentrate on strategic direction as a member of the Board. Next Technik is earlier on in its business lifecycle and requires the focus to ensure growth and expansion in new international markets."


A New Challenge for Mark Culverson

Announcing Mark's appointment, Annaliese Kloé has said:

"It is an exciting time for both me and the board of Klugo as we have found an outstanding leader and motivator in Mark Culverson. Over the past twelve months, Mark has shown a resounding dedication to elevating Klugo to the next level and has been warmly welcomed by the team at Klugo."


"Mark has been chosen to fulfil this role and champion the business due to his wealth of experience in building high-performance teams in the software and technology industry, and his previous involvement in taking a number of high growth businesses to new levels of success."


Over his 30 years in the software industry, Mark has contributed to some of Australia's greatest technology success stories. A key member of the team in Attaché, one of Australia's earliest and most successful accounting software businesses, through to 15 years with TechnologyOne, a now internationally renowned ERP solution, Mark has excelled in many critical areas across those businesses including sales leadership, customer success management and executive leadership.


Mark Culverson says:

"Since joining Klugo as the General Manager in 2018, I have been continually excited and impressed by the agile nature of the company, the strength and detailed knowledge of the team, and the Board's drive and ambition to continue to grow. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with each member of the Klugo team, as their passion and dedication to improving our client's businesses is a testament to the core values imparted by the business’s directors, Annaliese Kloé, Daniel Perry, Stephen Nankervis, Richard Kloé and Di Kloé.


He also says:

"Klugo, as one of just a few NetSuite Partners who has achieved consistent 5 Star status over many years has an immense opportunity to further contribute to the strengthening of the NetSuite product's position in the Asia Pacific region as the cloud ERP of choice for small, medium and large businesses. No other product on the market offers the level of functional coverage and flexibility in development that NetSuite does. In 2019, we are starting to see from our customers that the choice to move to the "cloud" is becoming the "rule", rather than the exception. Having been born in the cloud over 20 years ago, and one of the first true cloud vendors, NetSuite has cemented itself in the market as the leader, and with the backing of Oracle, it will be a lofty task for any other vendor to catch up." 


"Our future is very bright," says Mark Culverson. We have an outstanding group of people who continue to dedicate themselves to Klugo's vision of being "the leaders in leveraging the power of NetSuite", and I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to lead that team. 


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On the 22nd March 2019, Klugo Group has announced Mark Culverson, current General Manager, as CEO of Klugo Group. Founding Director, Annaliese Kloé stays on as Board Member to continue to provide strategic direction for the fast growing tech company.



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