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Barcelona, 26 February 2019:  Wearables innovator MGM Wireless is using the world’s largest mobile conference -- Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona -- as a springboard into the UK market for SPACETALK, its category-leading children’s smartwatch phone and GPS tracker.

Parents use the SPACETALK App to stay in touch with their children while providing them with autonomy and safety.

The App notifies parents when their child leaves a designated safe space, such as school or home. If a child needs emergency help, an SOS alert function can be customised to call parents and other guardians.

SPACETALK includes a stopwatch, torch, step counter and other features children love.

SPACETALK founder and CEO Mark Fortunatow said that it was the features that children cannot access that has made the watch so popular in the Australian market, where the self-contained phone and smartwatch has just completed a record Christmas and back-to-school sales period.

“Children can’t download Facebook or YouTube and they can’t tweet on SPACETALK, removing the risk of cyber bullying and other nasties,” Mr Fortunatow said.

“Parents use SPACETALK to schedule reminders for their kids, who now have a ‘grownup’ phone without the ability to access social media or the Internet.”

SPACETALK incorporates a specific school mode that makes it easy for parents to select which watch functions to disable during school hours, including incoming and outgoing calls, messaging, step counter, location and stop watch.

 “An increasing number of schools are banning smartphones in the classroom, driving high demand for a device that can be used by younger children to stay in touch with their parents without distracting them from their studies,” Mr Fortunatow said.

EDITORS’ NOTE: France recently banned the use of smartphones in public schools:

French school mobile phone ban comes into force: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/education-news/france-mobile-phone-ban-school-french-government-students-a8521961.html


In Australia, New South Wales banned smart phones in state primary schools this year after an independent review found their use had driven a rise in online bullying, distractions in class and the sharing of explicit images.

Apart from design award-winning quality (the watch was styled by the Australian designer of the iPhone), the watch was built from the ground up to the highest security standards.

“SPACETALK has been independently verified by leading international cyber security experts as ‘unhackable’, and has world’s best practice security and privacy features built in,” Mr Fortunatow said.

The company is currently training a sales team to commence its UK push from April 2019, leading a multi-billion dollar children’s wearables industry that is still in its infancy, Mr Fortunatow believes.

“MWC19 Barcelona is the largest mobile event in the world, attracting the globe’s smartest technology visionaries,” he said.

“Our team is delighted to exhibit SPACETALK here, as an innovative Australian company showing our latest cutting edge technology to the world.

“In SPACETALK, we believe we have developed the world’s best wearable smart watch, mobile phone and GPS tracker for children.”

MGM Wireless is known as a school communications specialist listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:MWR).



Launched in October 2017 for the 4-12 year old age group, SPACETALK was initially sold directly through the www.spacetalkwatch.com website, but strong demand from parents quickly attracted the attention of consumer electronics giant JB Hi-Fi and Leading Edge Computers. The retailers sell SPACETALK in over 230 stores to date across Australia and online.

A year from its Australian launch, MGM Wireless inked its first international deal with New Zealand’s biggest telecommunications company, Spark, to sell Spacetalk in its 73 stores and online.


Technology company MGM Wireless built its track record with school communication solutions after discovering the application of SMS communication in schools in 2002. The Company went on to create the world’s first SMS based Automated Student Absence Notification Solution and many other innovations since then. It is recognised as a global leader and pioneer in socially responsible and technology-enabled school communication.

MGM Wireless products include student absence notifications ‘messageyou’, absence analytics software ‘Watchlists’, school news and messaging app ‘School Star’, a content management and messaging platform for mobile school communication called Outreach+, and student attendance management solution ‘RollMarker’.

Used by over 1400 schools and 1.7 million parents, the Company’s school communication solutions empower schools to effectively communicate and engage parents and caregivers through SMS, mobile in-app and other means to improve student attendance and safety, help schools reduce operating costs and increase parent engagement. To learn more please visit: www.mgmwireless.com



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The SPACETALK children's smartwatch phone and GPS tracker will be launched in the UK from Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona #MWC19



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