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The Rug Lady is an online rug seller that has become a sensation in Australia. She has come up with a fantastic collection of rugs that not only have a premium feel but the price does not burn a hole in your hip pocket! Buying a rug has always been considered an expensive investment up until 2015 because that is when The Rug Lady started her operation and turned things on its head. 

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The Rug Lady has fast become the number one online rug seller in Australia because of the wide range of rugs she has in store for everyone. The popularity of rug stores in Australia has rapidly been on the decline because there has been a limited collection of rugs, not to mention a lack of colours and designs and the prices. The Rug Lady has been a welcome change for all rug lovers.  


People always think that buying rugs from online stores is risky because you can’t really check the quality. However, going by the reviews, thousands of customers are delighted with what they have received. Another thing that comes up from all the happy customers is that they can’t believe they can purchase such premium quality online rugs from as little as $120. Customers can learn about the wool and other materials that have been used to make the rug, and why it is so unique, from The Rug Lady website. Every rug that is available in store comes with quality assurance and it can be safely said that every customer will find them worth the money they spend. 


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A big reason for the rapid success of The Rug Lady is her ability to keep an extensive collection of rugs with different designs and colours. The balance between the variety and quality and the price is just about perfect. Starting from circled rugs to square rugs to traditional rectangular rugs, customers will find a wide range from The Rug Lady. Moreover, the patterns and designs that are available prove that the company has very experienced designers working behind the scenes. Even the simple designs such as diamonds and circles or stripes of different colours look unique. 


Finding a company that provides such a wide variety of online rugs in Australia was almost impossible to contemplate once upon a time, but this company has made a difference and has come as a blessing to all rug lovers. Some of the rugs have simple black and white patterns that look really bright. Numerous designs and colours are also created to fit rooms that have an antique setting. So, customers can expect to find a rug for any room they have.


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Low Price Rugs Online

Another reason why The Rug Lady has become the favourite rug seller in Australia is that her price is very low compared to the other stores in the country. Since this is a company that has a team of rug specialists working together, they have been able to set a price that is affordable for everyone. The moderate price has attracted thousands of customers and even people who have an average income can buy their favourite rugs for their home. 


In addition to making the rugs affordable, The Rug Lady has played her trump card in the form of the “pay later” option. This allows customers to pick their favourite rugs from the online store, place the order instantly, get it delivered, and then pay for the rug when they can afford it. This type of payment facility has not been seen before, certainly not by any other rug seller. However, The Rug Lady believes in breaking traditional barriers so that it becomes easier for people to buy the rugs they have always wanted to buy.


There is no doubt that this company provides the best quality rugs at the most affordable prices. Their felted wool rugs start from just $429 while the transitional rugs are priced at $399, and the power-loomed round rugs start from $149. One of the best things about The Rug Lady is that she has priced her rugs according to the different sizes. This makes it easy for anyone to choose their favourite rug.


About The Rug Lady: The Rug Lady has made every effort to be the best rug seller in Australia from 2015 when she first started selling online rugs until now. Her ability to balance the price and quality is impressive. Plus, the rugs will last you for a long time to come. Her constant effort to improve the quality of her rugs and the uncompromising attitude has made her the best in the business. It is one of the rarest of companies that can provide such a huge variety of online rugs that come in all sorts of price ranges to suit rug lovers right across Australia.

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Rugs are not expensive anymore. Thanks to The Rug Lady, Australia now has an online store that provides some of the best rugs at previously unheard of prices for rug lovers across the country.




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