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Buying rugs has always been an expensive affair for the average lower to middle-class person. The rugs come at a price that burns a hole through the pocket of most customers. However, that scenario has changed in Melbourne after the huge success of The Rug Lady.


This is one of the rare companies that has the ability to find the right balance between the quality of the rugs and pocket-friendly prices. It is widely believed by most people that the cost of the wool or the respective materials used to manufacture rugs is so high, that it makes the rugs highly expensive and puts them out of reach for the average person.


However, this is not so for The Rug Lady. She has been able to reach out to thousands of rug lovers by offering online rugs that come at reasonable prices when you take into consideration the quality provided.


Rugs Melbourne


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Established in 2015, The Rug Lady has more than 20 years of experience in the Melbourne rugs industry. She has put all of her experience into making some of the most unique rugs Melbourne has ever come across.


Talking about unique, the interesting part about the rugs from The Rug Lady is the design. It’s as if she has a freestyle artist sitting in front of a canvas with a set of paint brushes coming up with designs that make the rugs so special and unique. Even a simple rug with diamond or circle patterns on them looks totally different from other online rugs. There are several other rugs that also come with contemporary designs. Some even have abstract patterns to give the rugs a new look.


Apart from the design of the rugs, the bright colour is another unique characteristic. Customers have a wide range of colours to choose from and there is no doubt that these colours will have an impact on how the room looks after it is placed on the floor.


The colours are so vibrant that they can change the mood of the house and brighten up the room instantly. Those who are not too fond of bright colours can choose from the matte finished rugs that have more subtle colours. The grey and white combination, in particular, is a favourite for many. In addition to the combination of colours, the patterns used on the rugs also make them popular. Some have the look of antique rugs that are perfect for houses that are older and have antique furniture and fixtures.


One of the reasons why The Rug Lady has become the biggest supplier in the  Melbourne rugs industry is that she is very passionate about rugs. Each and every member of the company loves what they are doing and that is very important for the company to move forward. The passion and dedication that they have shown from the get-go are reflected in their huge success. It is their love for rugs that help them and inspire them to come up with such unique designs and colour combinations.


Another factor that has worked in favour of The Rug Lady is their pricing. Rugs have been fairly overpriced in Australia until now but with the advent of this company, it seems that people have started to believe that they can buy rugs for their houses without having to think twice. For example, some of the rugs start from just $120. The best part is, customers can choose the size of the rugs they want and pay for just that size. Since the measurements are given for every size, it is easier for customers to decide which size will be best for what rooms.


Rugs Melbourne


Rugs Melbourne Pay Later Facility


The Rug Lady has also introduced a “pay later” facility for her customers. This will allow everyone to buy the rugs they want, get it delivered but pay later at their own convenience. However, customers need to go through the terms and conditions of the offer before opting for this. This has helped thousands of customers to find their favourite rugs in time and purchase them without having to worry about instant payment.


About The Rug Lady: The experience of The Rug Lady and her passion to be the best in the business has made her the leading Melbourne rugs supplier in very quick time. It is hard to beat the quality of rugs that she sells and also the price. Rug lovers have become fond of this company simply because of the variety of rugs that are available from this store. The continuous urge to come up with new designs and colour combinations have seen The Rug Lady leapfrog ahead of its competitors to become an industry leader.


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Quality online rugs at affordable prices are rare but this is actually the combination that The Rug Lady specialises in. With a collection of beautiful and affordable rugs, this company is on the wish-list of many people across the country.




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