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The importance of business growth is centrally dictated by your ability to develop a clear strategy to attract new patients. New patients are the lifeblood of any practice, especially to ensure you stay ahead of your local competitors. Without a strong customer base, your business will struggle to grow. Your strategy requires you to consider the interior of your rooms, ensuring they are comfortable and relaxing for patients, through to how your strategy is developed to market yourself through social media.

Stepping away from its business advantages, we focus on 4 key patient-specific areas, proven to help grow your practice and attract new patients regularly. What’s more, you’ll realise that our key tips are typically cost-effective:

  • Welcome Reviews and Comments

Let the community contribute and encourage your patients to share feedback of your service. Having this ability is a key improvement step to continue to deliver exceptional service to your patients yet consider improvements from the back of patient opinions. No longer do patients visit a practice due to the location, but ultimately which practice offers the service patients look for.  The challenges you must counter is patient fear and uncertainty, especially for new patients that are hoping the correct choice is made. It is up to you to demonstrate why they’ve made the right choice.  It is also a key strategic step to encourage regular patients to contribute with positive reviews. Understand and grasp their overall patient experience and identify if anything can be improved. Continuous improvement on the back of patient response will work wonders in receiving positive reviews which ultimately is what new patients look for when searching for a dental practice in this digital day and age. Show new patients exactly what you do and what your brand reputation stands for. 

  • Focus on New Patients but Do Not Leave Your Regular Patients Behind

Serving new and regular patients are two distinct kinds. However, your regular patients must be given the same attention as you would give to a new patient. Your regular patients form your practice’s reputation. Servicing both kinds are formulated through one question; What do your patients want? Answering this question for regular and new patients requires you to gain insight on your patient’s needs first, and after that, how to keep them attracted to your practice for the long term.

To help you, we have identified 3 essential areas to help you with this insight. First; Educate & Inform. Give patients instructions on health and general recommendations for any concerns or problems they are experiencing. Prospective patients will want to also be aware of exactly what you know, because it is just as important for them to know that they have made the correct choice. Not only that, update your patients on health services, trends and promotions. Patients always like to be informed, so they can also make decisions to better their own health. Second; Impressions. Your prospective patients especially eye a great first impression when they enter your practice for the first time. Their expectations will have been set should you encourage online reviews and feedback. Make them feel welcome and develop a personal engagement with your patients. Lastly; Communication. Think like a patient. If you were a patient, what would you expect from your practice? Putting yourself in a patient’s shoes is an effective way to gain insight on your patient’s needs and the needs of your practice. Open communication such as this builds positive relationships and is an effective strategy to maintaining your patient base and a strong brand image.

  • Maintain a Strong Online Presence

Presently, if you’re not active on social media, it is highly likely your practice won’t be recognized to the wider audience. Engaging through social media is the most digitalized platform you can interact on. Make sure your online strategy is regularly refreshed to ensure exceptional search engine ranking on Google. Be consistent and ensure your content brings value to what patients need. There is a plethora of social media platforms to select from. Enlist your business on Google +, promote your services through Facebook, promote your brand through LinkedIn. More so, posting on social media platforms must not be at a time that you see fit. It is important that you gain insight on which platforms provide the most attention for your target audience. Maintain frequency of your posts, maintain your engagement with the healthcare community by responding to any questions or comments received through your posts to solidify your reputation online. Communication and Engagement are what potential patients look for, and they are essential to being recognized.

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Always Be Prepared to Learn

Adapting to your patients’ needs isn’t easy but it is a quality that patients look for in a practice. Be mindful that the same strategy, procedures, relationship and attitudes applied towards one patient may not necessarily work for another. Focus on these differences between each patient and ensure you’re able to adapt and can demonstrate your quality. It can be anything from pain from a procedure, lengthy appointment waiting for times or reactions to procedural results. These can be known as patient ‘hot buttons’. Focus on what makes prospective and regular patients tick and keep them satisfied. Having the diverse skills to adapt to their needs goes a long way in staying ahead of your competition.

We have touched the surface with these 4 key tips on how to attract new patients to your practice. If you are looking for more information, jump onto our website to find more helpful information:


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