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The Rug Lady has been an active supplier of Rugs in melbourne for several years. With an ever evolving range of rugs based on trends and seasons you will always be able to get the best rug & be proud of any place in your house, office or outdoor area. Most importantly, rug lovers will be amazed at the price and the selection of rugs that are available.


Most offline stores have a limited collection of rugs and the price generally exceeds the budget of most customers. That’s why everyone has second thoughts when it comes to spending their money without getting to actually see the styles, patterns or even the colours first. However, The Rug Lady has struck the right balance between reasonable pricing and variety.


Buying rugs online can be tricky because you don’t have the luxury to check the quality by merely looking at the screen of your smartphone or computer. However, the quality of the photographs The Rug Lady produces is of such a high standard that customers will be able to get a good feel for the rug when they see the photos. Moreover, there is quality assurance on every rug that this company sells. The team at The Rug Lady has a combined experience of over 20 years and that is reflected in the quality of the rugs that they have in store for our customers. 



Rugs Quality,Variety & Design

One of the reasons why The Rug Lady has rapidly grown in popularity in such a short period of time is because of the balance between quality and variety. There are some fantastic rugs with unique designs and patterns that can change the vibe and the look of any room. Starting from the grey and white combination through to keeping it sweet and simple with diamond patterns, she has some seriously creative brains working in her design department.


The designs are so aesthetically pleasing that they can change the look and feel of any room as soon as they are put inside. Apart from the design and colours, another factor that has kept The Rug Lady way ahead of her competitors is the availability of the sizes. Not all customers want a large rug in their house. Therefore, The Rug Lady has come up with a variety of standard sizes that will fit in just about any room in any house or building.


Pricing has played a significant role in the success story of The Rug Lady. She has been very generous with her prices and this has attracted the attention of thousands of customers. Another important factor is that the cost of her rugs doesn’t change too drastically with the change in size. Everything is moderately priced so that people can enjoy having a good-looking rug in their room that adds a touch of class and homeliness.


The motto of the company has always been sell rugs that are affordable for people from of all income brackets. This has made her very popular right across the country and we can see this continuing with her offering the most affordable rugs in Melbourne, and Australia for that matter. She has transitional rugs starting from just $399, felted wool rugs from $429, power loomed round rugs from $149 and many more. Customers won’t have a problem finding the best rug for their house or office at the most affordable prices.



Every rug comes with a specific measurement. This is done to make sure that it is easy for customers to choose a rug that will fit comfortably in the designated area the will put it. The Rug Lady has also introduced a facility where customers can shop instantly, get the rugs delivered, and pay for it later. Customers who are interested in one of the rugs in her online store will be able to buy it immediately without having a second thought. You can pay back the money later according to the rules and regulations set by The Rug Lady. This is a great initiative to attract more customers because many people often hold back their desires to make a purchase due to a lack of money. 


The Rug Lady has definitely taken huge strides forward to become the best rug supplier in Australia. Her focus on selling a unique range of rugs online at an affordable price has created a buzz among passionate customers. The quality of the rugs together with the affordable pricing has made them irresistible for many.


About The Rug Lady: There are very few companies that can become so popular in such a short period. The Rug Lady has been able to achieve that feat with relative ease. It has been possible because of the collective effort of the team and their determination not to compromise on the quality of the rugs they sell. Apart from the quality of the rugs, the pricing has helped the company to be highly sought after by Australian customers, regardless of which income group they belong to. With their never-ending creation of beautiful, high-quality, and affordable rugs, the company looks all set to stay on top of the industry.

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