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After five years of clinical research, a topical treatment for sunspots (Actinic Keratosis) that was developed using Australian technology, is now being released in Australia and the USA.

A topical cream, under the brand name ZenaDerm, is based on the anti-tumour properties of Tea Tree Oil and utilises the vasodilation properties of pure Vanilla to deliver the active ingredients trans-dermally, without side effects.

Five years in the making, and the subject of seven clinical trials at the University of Kentucky, this new product could very well revolutionise the way AK is treated. While topical treatments are not new in this arena, previously dominant brands such as Aldara and Efudex come with side effects that are often worse than the original lesion.

According to the manufacturers, ZenaDerm not only clears up potentially dangerous sunspots and AK in as little as 7 days, but it does so without side effects. The dermal scores in clinical trials were so impressive, they were first thought to be errors in the trial protocol.

But a company spokesman says: “Once they were repeated several times it was evident that ZenaDerm had no side effects, and often cleared up surrounding rashes and blemishes that weren’t even the target of first treatment area.”

The clinical studies were conducted under the direction of Professor Don Cohen at the University of Kentucky, and Professor Cohen was impressed at the inflammation results of the study.

“It’s rare to see a topical product of this intensity being able to be applied without any visible side effects. While the efficacy of the product has great promise, the lack of side effects (for me) is the most outstanding difference in the product that I have seen, compared to other topical products for the AK category.”

ZenaDerm is manufactured in Australia and will be launched online with exclusive discounts for first responders, and then launched in the USA via Dermatologists for their 2019 summer.

Readers can view all the clinical data at the companies corporate website or opt-in for a $50.00 discount off a full size bottle of ZenaDerm at THIS LINK

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