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West Australian coffee roaster BioBean Coffee released a new range of home compostable packaging for their retail range in late December 2018.  These eye-catching bags feature the stunning BioBean angel logo, now bigger than ever (painted long before the movie Avatar).  Family owned and operated, based in the Perth foothills, the name BioBean Coffee has long been synonymous with social and environmental progress, honesty and transparency.  Now, after more than 12 years of roasting, BioBean Coffee again leads the way with its new responsible packaging as an answer to the problems of plastic and recycling. 

The zip closer and the Swiss made ecovalve are also compostable.  Owner Mary Ipkendanz says she has tested these bags in her home composting system and found them to break down in around 6 weeks. 

"Our kilo bags have been compostable for nearly five years but the technology to produce a product that would be acceptable to both shops and consumers has only recently been available," Ms Ipkendanz says.  "We are so pleased to say goodbye to our petroleum based plastic range."

BioBean coffee is Organically Certified and Fairtrade; the electricity to power the roasters and office is supplied by solar panels. 

"We believe this makes us one of the most environmentally and socially aware companies in Australia.  We are not going to increase our prices due to the new packaging as we think that all companies should be heading in this direction as a matter of conscience." ##

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BioBean Coffee

BioBean Coffee is a family owned and operated coffee roasting business based in the Perth foothills.  Established in 2005.

Organically Certified and Fairtrade.

Mary Ipkendanz
P: 08 9294 3863
M: 0417 091 310


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