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Melbourne’s accident rates have been soaring up, for reasons that have not yet been determined by the local authorities. A lot of these accidents are caused owing to the lack of expertise of the driver, or a car that should have been taken off the road long back. There is not much that can be done about the drivers, but there is a lot that can be done about damaged old vehicles that do not belong on the road.

Express Cash for Cars is trying to take these havoc-causing vehicles down, by buying them for a fairly good price. Customers have reviewed their service as reliable and convenient since it doesn’t require them to move a bone. The express car removal company claims to have scrapped more than 300 cars every single day for the past couple of months. “There is a huge demand for scrap metal and we have the advantage of being able to collect it and process it. We make sure we buy the cars that are useless otherwise, since we can make full use of it.” said the Business Development Associate at Express Cash for Cars. They have been focusing on creating awareness around road safety and car health.

Car health is an important issue in Melbourne these days. People want to be able to drive their cars with more consistency and much longer now. Car owners are not very comfortable selling their cars even after it has been utilized optimally owing to the emotional connection with their personal vehicles. “A lot of people call us, but they want a price way higher than the car should be getting. Sometimes it’s difficult for people to let go off their first car, or a gift, or things like that. But we’re trying to create more awareness on how driving new cars is a much better idea.”

The company has been working on creating special social content through blogs that educate the readers on the benefits of new cars they can drive. They’re also trying to encourage car owners to sell damaged cars to scrap car dealers in Melbourne so that their cars aren’t used on the road anymore, and for scrap metal instead. “I never really maintained my car much, so it obviously burnt out way earlier than it should have. But when I did some research, I realized I would get the max cash from these guys. I finally sold it and got the extra cash to buy a new car!” said Jonathan, one of the customers had dealt with the company before.

Express Cash for Cars employees are looking forward to their new goals regarding their company. They have expressed their excitement for this experimental goal in their recent statements. They will be employing these new strategies from January 2019 onward.

Express Cash for Cars is Melbourne’s premium car buying and car wrecking service that has a multitude of services including car buying, car wrecking, vehicle wrecking, accidental car removal. They guarantee an express service with utmost convenience to their customers. They promise “no hassle, no stress, just Express!” to their prospective customers looking to sell their cars in the city of Melbourne and its neighbouring suburbs.

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Express Cash For Cars

Express Cash for Cars is a car wrecking service in Melbourne that is also a specialist in buying unregistered cars. They also buy old cars from their customers for cash. Their method of payment - instant cash given to customers for their old cars - makes them a popular choice amongst the young and old generations in Melbourne. Their other services include buying trucks, buying scrap trucks, buying unwanted SUVs or scrap utes. They scrap all the cars that they buy if they’re unfit for further use. They’re available for service in Melbourne on all seven days of the week between 7AM-5PM.

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