Friday, November 30th, 2018 - Paradise Point Adventures

The launch of a new tourism company, Paradise Point Adventures, has opened up several exciting new routes for visitors to experience Horizontal Falls, one of Australia’s most famous landmarks.

The company ‘s tours incorporate the services of  award-winning tourism operator, Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures and traditional land owners, Jilinya Tours and offers guests a fresh perspective to the ancient story of the Kimberley and its signature attractions.

Guests can now choose from a range of full day tours to Horizontal Falls with the flexibility of two departure points, Cape Leveque and Broome, both of which include a fascinating Aboriginal cultural immersion and a low level seaplane flight over the spectacular Buccaneer Archipelago.

Paradise Point Adventures has also launched an innovative tour for guests who want to experience all of the Kimberley highlights and history without the high-energy adrenalin rush of the Horizontal Falls - the Thousand Island Adventure Cruise and cultural tour.  This tour offers a full-day island cruise and wildlife adventure through the pristine bays and creeks of the Buccaneer Archipelago, plus a cultural tour with Jilinya Cultural Adventures. 

As Paradise Point Adventures co-owner, Kristy Bailey explains, the new tours will increase accessibility to Horizontal Falls as well as provide visitors with unique insights into the ancient, yet still living culture of the Kimberley region. 

“People love learning about the story behind the story and through our partnership with Jilinya Tours which is owned and operated by members of the Dambimangari tribe, guests get a deeply personal perspective on the culture, art and traditions from the original custodians of the land themselves,” she said.

The seaplane component of the tours is handled by Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures, which has established itself as one of West Australia’s leading tourism operators with a string of awards to its name and a reputation for innovation and service excellence. 

For more information on full day tours to Horizontal Falls or the Thousand Island Adventure Cruise , visit or have a chat to their friendly team on 08 9192 1172.

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