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Ever wondered where to find that beautiful bracelet you saw at the markets and didn't buy? Charitizer!

Charitizer is an Australian online donation based marketplace. A percentage of everything sold on the platfrom goes to a cause. Charitizer has a focus on Aussie retailers, says founder Brady Gunn.

"Charitizer gives smaller retailers and brands a low cost platform to sell their awesome stuff and a percentage of the price goes to help a cause instead of advertising or paying the big guys," Mr Gunn says. "Facebook and Google make enough money we think! We'd rather that go to help Australians and the retailers would to. So the items don't cost any more, it's just that the retailers give their marketing margin to your chosen cause."

There are thousands of items on there from some great retailers and brands. From organic skin care to bespoke leather goods and cute kids gifts -- and they are all Australian businesses.

Anne Marshall, Founder of Seven Islands Skin Care is a Charitizer retailer.

"It's great to have a platform for small business like ours," says Anne. "And the charity angle sits well with our brand."

Within the site you can buy new items, buy and sell secondhand items and see your good deeds in a fun, transparent way. So why not give a great gift and make a difference as well? You can even sell the gifts you don't want on Boxing Day! #


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Charitizer is a new way for the community to donate goods.

List your unwanted items for sale on our app. When they sell, the funds go to the cause that you're most passionate about... you choose!

You can support all kids of causes: large and small charities, animal welfare, health, emergencies, appeals, local community or you can even create your own! Anyone can create a cause and do good with Charitizer.

A better way to shop, sell and donate!

Brady Gunn
M: 0415111251


Buy from Aussie retailers and help out Aussie causes




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