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Timber flooring is a beautiful addition to any home. It's easy to keep clean, beautiful to look at, and lasts much longer than other types of flooring. All of these wonderful good points are balanced by one drawback though—hardwood flooring can be scratched. When your floor is scratched, the blemish can detract from the beauty of the floor. This is especially bad if you chose a darker wood or stain that make scratches very noticeable.

While scratches are a part of hardwood flooring, they don't have to detract from your house. Here are a few tips for reducing the chance of scratches on your hardwood flooring.

  • Protect your floors from furniture

While it is inevitable that your floor will eventually get a scratch, there are things you can do to limit how many scratches you get. Use felt pads under your furniture legs to not only make moving them a breeze, but to prevent the legs from scratching the floor as they move back and forth.

  • Take your pet to the groomers

Keep dog nails trimmed as well so they don't contribute to scratches on the floor. Dog nails should be trimmed every 2 weeks for the best health of the dog, but many people go longer, contributing both to the dog's discomfort and to scratches on floor and furniture alike.

  • Ladies, take off your shoes

High-heels can do a number on flooring, and after a hard day of work you didn't want to be wearing them anyway. Keep shoes in the house to a minimum in order to reduce wear and tear on the floors—especially heels.

  • Keep the floors clean

Abrasion from dirt, small rocks, and other debris can do a number on your hardwood flooring. Keeping the floors clean can really make a difference. You can help cut down how much debris gets there in the first place by using rugs and other decorative floor pieces such as runners to help trap dirt.

If you choose to use a vacuum to make cleaning up easier, make sure it has soft bristles or is set to the hardwood setting. Bristles that are too stiff or a vacuum, not set at the proper height can cause scratching all on its own.

  • If you get a scratch, repair it

The beauty of hardwood flooring is that it can be repaired much more easily than other damaged floors. If you do get a scratch, you can repair it with a little light sanding and a stain that matches the rest of your floor, as long as the scratch isn't too deep.

Deeper scratches may be more problematic, but there are fills available to help make deep gauges and scratches less noticeable. This may require a professional to get perfect.

Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for almost every home with its beauty, functionality, and overall cleanliness. Don't let concern over scratches ruin your enjoyment of this fantastic flooring options. Instead, just follow these simple tips to help your hardwood flooring last for years.

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