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Caring Aussies would love to donate goods to drought stricken farmers in remote regions of Australia. But due to the vast distances involved it's simply not viable. Now it's possible to sell unwanted goods and donate the money from the sale to Drought Angels for them to distribute on the Charitizer online donation marketplace.
Charitizer has teamed up with Drought Angels in the month of November with a goal to raise $200k for Aussie farmers from 'donated goods'. 'Charitizers' can list unwanted items, select a % of the sale price to donate and give the funds from the sale to Drought Angels. 

Nicky Blackwell, Founder of Drought Angels, says: "We are offered a lot of goods donations that we simply can't accept. We either physically can't get them to the farmers or they aren't suitable. Money for assistance is the biggest help to us and the farmers so using Charitizer is the perfect way for people and businesses to help out.
"We are in the worst drought for 400 years and there are some farmers doing it very tough so we appreciate all the support we can get."
It's pretty simple. Users create a Charitizer account and select Drought Angels as their 'cause'. They can then list an item and select the % they'd like to donate. Anywhere from 1-100%. When the item sells the donation amount goes directly to the allocated parties. And it's tax deductible. It's all visible and measurable on Charitizer.
"All we have to do is sell the stuff we aren't using to make a big difference, " says Brady Gunn, founder of Charitizer. 
"The average house has over $4k worth of items we aren't using. Why not dig them out of the cupboard or garage and give them a new life, help the environment by on-cycling them and assist our farmers? If you don't have anything to sell you can just go shopping. Retailers are also welcome on Charitizer!"
Animals are being slaughtered due to no feed. Crops are non existent. Farmers and families are being pushed to the very brink. Now is the time to help.


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Charitizer is a new way for the community to donate goods.

List your unwanted items for sale on our app. When they sell, the funds go to the cause that you're most passionate about... you choose!

You can support all kids of causes: large and small charities, animal welfare, health, emergencies, appeals, local community or you can even create your own! Anyone can create a cause and do good with Charitizer.

A better way to shop, sell and donate!

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Charitizer and Drought Angels aim to raise $200k from Aussies donating goods through the Charitizer online marketplace.




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