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Sydney-based social entrepreneur and nutrition expert, Candy Marx, to release vegan pregnancy book after signing deal with US publisher.  Plantfed Mama's Holistic Guide to a Vegan Pregnancy, is due for release in early 2019.

The ex-fashion footwear designer and founder of KeilanaSkye Footwear, admits to changing career paths after switching to a vegan lifestyle and experiencing the health benefits of a plant-based diet.  Marx left the fashion industry to study Nutrition and Master Herbalism and now focuses on social entrepreneurship, animal welfare, conservation, humanitarianism, and health and wellbeing.


“As a mother, I noticed that there wasn’t enough information about plant-based pregnancies, from a nutritional and holistic side, and that’s why I wrote the book.  I’ve written from experience too.”


Marx recently launched the online platform, Plantfed Mama, which serves as a nutritional hub and forum for vegan, vegetarian and plant-based women and mothers.


“I’ve spoken to a lot of women who’ve been shamed into thinking that being vegan during pregnancy is selfish - but a wholefoods plant-based diet is anything but.  I’ve seen women become empowered just by understanding the nutritional side during their vegan pregnancies, which has been fantastic to witness.  It's been wonderful connecting with so many like-minded mamas too.”


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