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An innovative online Op Shop, developed by Sydney entrepreneur Brady Gunn, has launched a new concept that "matches" website visitors by size to the clothes that fit. Charitizer aims to reduce clothes waste by connecting like-styled people, while helping people raise more money for the causes they stand for.

Fashion is becoming increasingly disposable for Australians, with almost a quarter of people admitting to throwing out clothes after just one wear, and four out of 10 people surveyed by YouGov saying they had put unwanted fashion items in the bin, rather than trying to repair or recycle them*.

Now people who want to do the right thing by recycling their clothes can buy and sell on the www.charitizer.com.au website and app. They can list items for sale, select how much of the sale price they'd like to donate and then watch the money arrive at their favourite charity or cause. 

Founder Brady Gunn says: "Charitizer helps reduce waste in fashion by connecting people who have similar styles... and helps out some great causes too!"

Elyse Elmer has been using the Charitizer Size Club to buy and sell. Betty Andrews also entered her details and it was a match!

Elyse says: "It makes the process of buying secondhand clothes so much easier. Instead of having to trawl through miles of items you can press the Size Club button and you know what you see fits. You can follow people with the style you like and get the headsup when they are listing.  There are great bargains on here too.

"I think we all have a responsibilty to start doing something more so why not start with clothes and helping out charities? It's so easy to list and you're not wearing this stuff anyway."

Sam Carey from Planet Ark says her charity is extremely happy to be involved: "To be able to reduce waste and raise money for environmental sustainability at the same time is a win/win. We are excited to see Charitizer grow to become a major player in the ‘reuse’ space of the waste hierarchy and appreciate the donations."

One woman's yesterday is another's today! And who doesn't love a bargain?


As Australian fast-fashion booms to an industry worth $2bn a year, the YouGov report found that 75% of Australian adults have thrown clothes away in the past year; 30% tossed more than 10 garments.

The throwaway culture is creating a serious environmental problem, with 24% saying they threw out a garment after one wear. One in six people binned at least three garments they’d worn only once.


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Charitizer is a new way for the community to donate goods.

List your unwanted items for sale on our app. When they sell, the funds go to the cause that you're most passionate about... you choose!

You can support all kids of causes: large and small charities, animal welfare, health, emergencies, appeals, local community or you can even create your own! Anyone can create a cause and do good with Charitizer.

A better way to shop, sell and donate!

Brady Gunn
M: 0415111251
W: www.charitizer.com.au


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