Monday, August 27th, 2018 - Monevation

Australian venture investment and development firm Monevation today announced the launch of its AI-enabled digital solution, Qrazy®, which allows businesses and individuals to operate in the online services fields of consultancy, communication, and business management.

Qrazy® offers a decentralised service for customer and supplier engagement. The premise of the solution is that computer and online business knowledge should not be kept a seret.

'The ability to provide streamlined and intuitive engagement solutions on top of the primary services of consultancy, communication, and business management was extremely important to get right in the design stage,” said Monevation CEO Mr Graham Chee. “Qrazy® has shown great promise with the integration of Natural Language Processing chatbots that can be deployed on eight different channels, and further customised to the client’s needs.”

Initially, the Qrazy® solution bot launch includes:

  • Customer service and engagement
  • Advanced API integration
  • Voice to text solution
  • Simple web integration
  • Chatbot file uploads
  • Hybrid customer service between Bots and Human interface.
  • QR Code interfaces

As the need for specialised digital knowledge becomes more necessary, the Qrazy® solution is a logical and simple step for small and medium-sized organisations to take. Where there's a need for continuous client engagement, Qrazy® has the solution. Instead of relying on the legacy systems of answering machines, emails, and text messages, Qrazy® can provide a service to suit most business models.

Over the next few months, Qrazy® will release a suite of chatbots and publications that explain the usage of specialised and decentralised solutions in health, e-commerce, and education.

About Monevation
Monevation is the technology lab of MyMoney, focused on providing solutions for the financial, property and professional services industries. Headquartered in Sydney, Monevation is committed to bringing globally innovative solutions, knowledge and experience to the local market.


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