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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – August 16, 2018 – With so many different get-rich-quick schemes and so-called wealth coaches out there, one company has taken a different approach to teaching people how the foreign exchange market – commonly known as the forex market – really work.


According to Geoff Marchant, trading floor manager at Learn to Trade’s Sydney office, many new traders come into the industry with unrealistic expectations in terms of the profit potential they can think they can realize. However, these new traders cannot really be blamed, as they are often misled by false advertising and success stories, Marchant explained.


“We see a lot of companies out there promising high returns of 50 per cent of the money you put in to trade, which is simply not feasible or realistic, and more often than not their promises fall far short of the reality,” he said.


“At Learn to Trade we teach five different trading strategies for people to use, each one aiming to bring about stability and consistency, but there are 100s of different ones out there, although the quality and success of these differs,” the Sydney trading floor manager added.


Focus on compound interest

According to the company, new traders should instead focus on taking incremental steps forward, and build up their trading account over time with the power of compound interest, meaning to make use of past profits to generate more future profit.


By setting goals and being realistic about the time it takes to reach a desired level, more traders are likely to end up as successful in the long run, the trading educator argues, adding that “taking a consistent approach to trading is something we teach every day, and is a fundamental to compound interest.”


Learn to Trade was started by Greg Secker, a former VP of Mellon Financial, in the UK in 2003, and has quickly grown to become a leading global educator in the field of foreign exchange trading. Today, Learn to Trade has offices in the UK, Australia, the Philippines, and South Africa.


Learn to Trade regularly hosts free forex trading seminars where anyone who is interested can come and learn more about the opportunities that exist in this market. To learn more about compound interest or sign up for one of their free forex trading courses, visit Learn to Trade online or contact one of their representatives via email at [email protected].

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Learn to Trade is Europe’s top trader coaching company, helping millions of people around the world reach financial success through high quality trading strategies. Owner Greg Secker retired at the age of just 27 years old, and now shares his best low risk strategies and wealth of knowledge with people of all ages and backgrounds.

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