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Timber flooring not only look great, they also add value to your home and are so durable that it can take longer than the residents. They are easy to keep clean and do not contain dust such as carpets, so they are a good choice to suffer from allergies. But what does this mean under a timber floor? Not all timber floors are made of solid timber.

Yes, there are massive timber floors and they are quite expensive, espacially for hardwood floors, but they cost so much that it is worth the cost. The solid timber floor slab is made of solid timber or hardwood. Hardwood absorbs moisture, which are steam or humid conditions and basic operations.


The next choice is the semi-solid; the floor is made of chipboard or glued layers with a thin veneer or solid timber on it. These can be refreshed three times four times and finished between 20-40 years.

The solid designed floor is similar to the semi-circular type, only every other strip is in reverse or plywood, which helps to prevent bending. They are even more resistant than the semi-solid and last between 40 and 60 years. They are not sensitive to the effects of moisture.


And if you want a floor that is only a laminate, it's true! The timber photo is sealed between the transparent plastic layer and the base of the fiberboard. New laminates are better than the oldest and almost scratch resistant, although they cannot handle a big dog.

Regardless of the timbering flooring, you choose because you can see it differently, because it will probably look different, depending on the light and the color of the walls. The types of hardwood you use determine the color of the floor. As the Almighty Savior said, we are all unique. It applies not only to people but also to trees. No two trees are the same. Each of them has its own color variations that make it different from other trees. Therefore, it is very impossible to find the exact color of the agreement. Color changes as natural aging, especially if it is exposed to direct sunlight, it is recommended that not to leave the curtains open for too long to reduce the color change.

Hardwood is classified according to the number of natural markings on timber, such as rubber veins, narrow knots, etc. Generally, there are four types of different types of timber floors. There is Grade Select has a minimum number of options, then the Average Features offered by the average number of brands. Although Grade High function offers high concentrations or characteristics, Parquet Clear Rating is usually clear or of a brand. Timber species can vary from company to company because they implement their standards. Tree features are important for your home. High-quality timber is often consistently clear designs that are perfect for a sleek, modern look while being fit for the atmosphere of the old world.

Timber is used for slot, tongue or apartment purposes and offers a range of table widths. The timber hardness of the product has a natural ability to withstand shocks, the higher the degree of hardness of the pulling, the more durable and tired and vice versa. With these information, you should be able to choose the correct flooring options based on the function and your budget.


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There are many different types of timber flooring in the market, but what is the difference between them and is hardwood floors really worth its money?



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