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For the tech-savvy, time-poor individual, the convenience of instant communication and relevant information are two qualities that make our decision making just a little bit easier. Compared to traditional methods of Q&A, and ‘Google search’, which offer millions of possible solutions in point-something-of-a-second, and never seem to provide THE answer or an answer you are looking, chatbots are able to be just as (or even more) streamlined and relevant to the field of questioning, and with the added convenience of ‘conversation’. This is where the Ding® solution comes in.


Ding® is chatbot solution service that offers both customisable and default bots to businesses that would otherwise rely on answering phone calls and/or emails to respond to existing and potential customers. In this regard, Ding® creates both time and saves money for businesses as the chatbots are up and running on a 24x7x365 schedule - utilising every hour of the day for business. And with the added benefit of manual override, end users can sleep easy knowing that someone will be there to answer their query if it is not in the database.


Ding® chatbots harness the developments in machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to make sure that each answer is both relevant and effective to the needs of the customer. As of mid-2018, Ding® has developed over 10 bots that can be deployed in financial services, cybersecurity, business advisory, and mortgages. And the advantage of continual engagement with the chatbot and bank of FAQs (some bots having over 400 pre-programmed responses), is that the bot can be trained to respond in certain ways or learn new responses to unfamiliar questions, leading to solid customer retention.


It is possible for Ding® to be deployed in eight different channels - Messenger, Slack, website, Skype, Kik, Viber, Telegram, and Line (some of the most popular instant messaging platforms on the market). And depending on the target audience businesses are trying to reach and tap into, this can be adjusted with icons and different response pathways to suit your needs.

For anyone looking to enhance their customer experience and engagement, or are simply looking for more information on the range of chatbots that Ding®? has, this can be done on the Ding® website at

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Monevation Ding

Monevation was established in 2017 after being created and developed through the MyMoney/Local Knowledge incubator and accelerator program.

Our objective is to utilise technology to enhance, develop and learn. From our early days of development of virtual avatars, our knowledge and experience in rule based software, through to our Natural Language Programming for AI Chat. We are constantly seeking ways to improve the experience.
Our vision is to constantly learn and pass the experience through to our clients. From the watching, learning, trialling, testing and going through the process again we want to bring new solutions to our clients to meet the requirements of clients.

Graham Chee
P: 02 8338 8900


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