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South Australian Marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Agency MIE Lab has partnered with Sony’s highly successful global brand Shark Tank and Network TEN to release the Shark Tank Entrepreneur App.

The app is an opportunity assessment tool that asks the hard questions every start-up, entrepreneur and SME needs to answer to achieve venture success.

Creator Andrew Bensley, Managing Director of MIE Lab, says the app isn’t just for early stage ventures, it’s also for established businesses looking to explore new product and service offerings.

“This is the most comprehensive app tool available today, providing detailed feedback that helps the business or investor determine the strengths and weaknesses of your idea,” Mr Bensley said. “The app is the product of 40 years of quantitative research by leaders in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialisation.”

Stephan Zingg head of International Distribution, licensing and Digital for Sony, commended Mr Bensley for his foresight in acquiring the Shark Tank license for his app.

“Who would have thought an Australian, all the way from Adelaide, would decide to get on a plane to London to pitch his idea and acquire the Shark Tank license to create the Shark Tank Entrepreneur app,” Mr Zingg said. “This will change the way start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs assess their ideas, and Sony is proud to be a part of it.”

This is the first time Network Ten and Sony have partnered to release a Shark Tank branded product. The app reinforces Shark Tank’s positioning as the go-to expert for entrepreneurship, commercialisation and innovation knowhow.

South Australian agency MIE Lab developed the app over three years, with thousands of hours in research and interviewing key investors, academics and entrepreneurs.

“Whether you have aspirations to pitch your venture on Shark Tank, or you’re a new start-up or home-based business and you have an idea for the next big thing, this is the app for you,” Mr Bensley said.

“After completing all the questions in the app, you will have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your idea or venture. You’ll be armed with the information you need before jumping into starting a new business or venture. In fact, I used it myself when I was determining my own path to market - the app told me I'd need to find a powerful partners, so I did!"

Shark Tank Entrepreneur features:

  • Over 100 questions from key categories including Opportunity, Team, Resources and Environment;
  • Responses plotted against a target base score on easy to read radar graphs;
  • Graphs clearly define the strengths and weaknesses of the venture against the base correct practice methodology;
  • Insightful and directional feedback given to all responses;
  • Easy to share your project, graphs and outcome information with team members;
  • Up to 5 team members can input data overlaid in radar graphs for comparison of strengths and weaknesses of venture.

Shark Tank Entrepreneur is available now on the App Store of Play Store. ##

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Is your idea fit for the Shark Tank of business startups? This new app helps determine your commercialisation path and identify areas for improvement.




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