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Dentures do far more than simply replace missing teeth.  They can unlock a new world of self-confidence, restoring your youthful smile, improving your speech and enabling you to enjoy your favourite foods again. 

Making and fitting dentures is always done in stages and generally involves between 4-6 appointments. 

Your denture specialist should take care to explain all the steps involved in the whole denture procedure and what you can expect at each appointment in order to allay any apprehension you may have.

Following is a brief outline of what you can expect at each appointment:

Initial appointment - Consultation and examination

This is the most important session of your denture procedure.  Your denture professional should ask questions about your motivation for getting dentures and what your expectations are.  For example, are you replacing old dentures or is it for aesthetic reasons?  Are you experiencing speech problems or having difficult eating?  Do you have missing teeth or are you concerned about a loss of facial form?  It’s important to provide as much detail as possible so that the dentist can work out the ideal solution for you.

You’ll have a thorough oral examination which will generally include some X-rays of your jaw. 

The dentist will then use all this information to prepare a detailed treatment plan and quote.  He or she will also discuss the timeline for future appointments and what to expect during the various stages of the procedure.

The first step towards a brand new smile is to take an impression or mould of your upper and lower teeth.  This will be done gently and professionally using a ‘one-size-fits-all’ plastic impression tray. This is then sent off to the dental laboratory where a customised tray will be made which fits your mouth perfectly.

Second appointment

Your special tray will then be used at this appointment to take a more precise and accurate impression of your gums.   A wax bite block will also be used to record details of your bite.  Both these things will then be sent back to the lab where a wax replica denture will be constructed.

Third appointment

At this appointment, you will try out the wax replica to see how your new dentures will look and whether they fit comfortably and correctly.  Any adjustments will be made at this stage.  With guidance from the experienced dental professional, you will also decide on the size, colour, shape and the look of your new teeth.   The wax mould will then be returned to the lab for the final stage of construction.

Fourth appointment

Now that your dentures have been made in permanent denture base material, they can be fitted to your mouth properly.  Whilst it’s not possible to change things like the colour and shape of the teeth at this stage, you can modify the fit so that they are completely comfortable and fully functional.

It may take some time to get used to your new dentures and there will be a ‘settling in’ period.  Some people find that their new dentures are comfortable virtually from the get-go, but others need several more quick visits to the dentist in order to adjust their dentures. 

Your dentures are as unique as you are and there are no hard and fast rules about the timing of the end result, but patience will be rewarded. 

Apart from the initial consultation which needs to be longer in order for the dentist to collect as much detail as possible, your subsequent appointments should only take between 15 - 30 minutes. 

At Discount Dentures in Perth, all follow-up appointments required for readjusting the denture are free of charge. 

Discount Dentures is a leading dental practice in Perth, specialising in full cosmetic dentures, partial dentures, emergency dentures and denture relines with a reputation for professional, high quality products and services and caring, gentle treatment.  If you’re missing some teeth, having problems with speech or eating, are concerned about the effect your teeth are having on your facial features or on your overall health - then dentures may be the right solution for you.  Contact the experienced and friendly team at Discount Dentures in Perth on 08 9300 23332 or get in touch via their website,

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