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Sydney, Australia – 5th June, 2018 – PestXpert are excited to announce the launch of Pro-Hose On Tick Control Outdoor Spray, the first time a tick control product has been developed for homeowners, allowing them to eliminate ticks from the yard and garden, protecting themselves, their family and their pets.

Ticks are a constant worry for many pet owners, as a bite from the paralysis tick can have very severe consequences. Most pet owners give their pets veterinary products to provide protection from tick bites, but sometimes you may forget a dose and of course the pet treatment does not protect you or your family from ticks. PestXpert Pro-Hose On Tick Spray gives homeowners the opportunity to eliminate ticks from their yards and garden, safeguarding their family and providing that extra level of protection for their pets.

“Most people would be aware that ticks are commonly picked up during bush walks, especially when walking through longer grass and vegetation. But ticks are just as happy in your back yard, long grass or not,” said Dr Gordon Reidy, PestXpert General Manager. “Most tick life stages, especially the younger nymphs hide down at ground level in the leaf litter. PestXpert Pro-Hose On Tick Spray allows homeowners to treat their yard and garden to eliminate ticks. The hose on sprayer is calibrated to deliver the correct dose and with good coverage the homeowner will eliminate any ticks present. It’s important to realise that long term protection is not possible, so regular spraying in areas of high tick pressure is recommended to keep the population in check.”

To get the best performance, homeowners should trim back vegetation and cut grass before application. Once the treatment area has been measured out, so the amount of product to be used can be calculated, it’s simply a process of attaching the product to the garden hose and spraying the affected area. When the product is finished the hose-on applicator can be kept for use with refill bottles.

Tick populations tend to be higher in coastal and mountain areas, where there is higher humidity. There are a number of tick species in Australia, but the one of most concern is the paralysis tick. The paralysis tick is confined to the a 30km band along the east coast of Australia, where is responsible for 95% of tick bites. For tick control in yards, a treatment in spring to target the adults before they start breeding and an application in late summer to target any larvae is a good starting point for a control program.

PestXpert Pro-Hose On Tick Spray is not a replacement for pet tick products but is designed to be used in conjunction with any veterinary treatment to provide a complete tick control program.

PestXpert Pro-Hose On Tick Control Outdoor Spray is available exclusively through Bunnings. The 2 litre pack with cover an areas of nearly 1500m2. The prime pack (with trigger) retails for $28.40, refill packs for $22.98.

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The PestXpert range of pest control products is developed and manufactured in Australia by Sumitomo Chemical. PestXpert was created to allow homeowners to deliver “DIY pest control like the professionals”. All PestXpert products contain professional quality formulations and utilise professional style packaging, allowing homeowners to achieve superior results whilst applying the products safely. PestXpert products are not the same as regular supermarket products, which is why the range is exclusively available through Bunnings. PestXpert are committed to helping homeowners create a “pest free home” and provide detailed information on pests and products, as well as other useful tips, through their website, blog and Facebook page.

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Sumitomo Chemical Company is a diverse global chemical company operating in 212 countries, with innovation, sustainability and corporate social responsibility core to the business philosophy. Sumitomo Chemical Australia was established in 1998 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Co, Japan and is focused on delivering novel products to improve crop production and enhance the general quality of life by eliminating pests. In addition to having a portfolio of conventional agricultural chemicals, Sumitomo Chemical Australia is regarded as the market leader in biological insecticides and plant growth regulators. For more information on Sumitomo Australia visit the website www.sumitomo-chem.com.au

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