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Laviol Launches two new brands Elissah and Alfie Rabbit featuring a unique combination of probiotics & prebiotics

The interest in naturally formulated, highly effective skincare products is overwhelming. Laviol Skincare is answering the call with a unique Australian-made offering



Elissah probiotics & prebiotics skincare

Alfie Rabbit probiotics & prebiotics baby & toddler care


May 19, 2018
Few people want to use skincare products that in the long-term could do more damage than good. This is the sad truth behind many of the chemical-based brands prevalent on the market today. Fortunately, Australia-based Laviol Skincare Solution have stepped up to offer valuable help in this area with the recent announcement of the release of two new brands associated with their company Elissah and Alfie Rabbit, which are formulated with probiotics, prebiotics, and Australian native plant extracts. The excitement surrounding the dual launch is high among skincare enthusiasts.

“Probiotics are one of the most cutting-edge concepts in skin care today,” commented Founder & CEO of the company Laviol Theresa. “Probiotics based skincare products can assist with a multitude of skin conditions including premature aging, acne, hypersensitivity, dullness, rosacea and inflammation issues. Laviol Skincare have developed a unique and innovative skin care range, BIO P2, that combines probiotics, prebiotics and phyto actives to work in synergy to delivery optimal effectiveness.”

According to the company, probiotics have been shown in many studies that they can provide benefits to the skin microbiome, through providing useful bacteria that enhances ecoflora defense. Coupled with prebiotics, which stimulate good bacteria growth, either alone or in combination, these elements can enhance skincare in a number of diverse and impressive ways.

Laviol Skincare Solution is proud to source their ingredients from high quality natural Australian sources, a country that has won wide praise in natural health circles for the premium nature of its plant life and flora.
Early feedback for the two lines, intended for use by both adults and children have been positive
across the board. Michelle S., recently said in a five-star review, “I really love the products I have ordered from Laviol Skincare Solution. They have improved both my own and my child's skin conditions greatly. I can't recommend them enough.”

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About Laviol Skincare Solutions
Lilly & Milly, Alfie Rabbit and Elissah are part of Laviol Valley series. At Laviol, we are dedicated to providing quality products to our customers. We continuously conduct ingredient research to find even more natural ingredients that have wonderful properties to help improve skin conditions and provide a natural and safe solution to our customers. Australia is proud of its agricultural products, with natural and rich farmland, we are able to use quality natural ingredients in our products and our products are guaranteed to not contain toxic chemicals. Enjoy our beautiful products and feel the happiness, peace and calm from Laviol Valley life and the picturesque Australian countryside.

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