Friday, May 18th, 2018 - The Love Destination
MELBOURNE, Australia: 18th May 2018: The Love Destination®: The Netflix for everything love, dating and relationships is making waves and touching hearts ahead of its U.S. launch. Recent lucrative content acquisitions, distribution and tech partnerships will see The Love Destination launching on over 8 million consumer-electronic devices in the U.S. in 2018. 
In a digital TV landscape traditionally dominated by the big players such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, The Love Destination® is redefining digital TV and carving out its own path with a powerful and highly engaged niche market, while helping to solve a global human problem – loneliness. 
New research by the Australian Red Cross has found that Australians are on the brink of a loneliness epidemic, with over 5.6 million Australians suffering loneliness, affecting mental and physical health. 
“We are passionate about love and believe that love can quite literally change the world, but loneliness and low self-esteem are a huge problem,” said The Love Destination Founder and CEO Katia Loisel.  Loisel is an internationally renown relationship and body language expert, with over 19 years experience working in content production and media.
“Our mission is to help alleviate loneliness and inspire and empower women. Providing expert-led online courses, how-to’s, lifestyle shows, documentaries and films that help you to connect and make you feel good about love and life.”
The Love Destination has already built a substantial following, and in 2018 will launch its new offering: a global digital subscription video-on-demand (SV0D) network for everything love, dating and relationships. By combining two billion dollar markets: eLearning (US$163B) and digital TV (US$36.5B), the network is re-defining digital TV and filling a void in the multi-billion dollar marketplace.
For US$9.95 per month, members will access unlimited expert-led online courses, how to’s, lifestyle, documentaries, films and educational content.
“We’re all about relationships, so it was important for us to build and connect with our audience organically prior to launching our SVOD offering. This has allowed us to get a feel for the issues our customers face and address a need in the market place,” Loisel said.
“Millions are searching for information and shows about love and relationships, but it’s often from untrustworthy sources, and that compounds the problem. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, The Love Destination has content that will not only entertain but will also help you to connect and re-ignite your relationships.”
It is currently filming several productions in New York, Los Angeles and Australia and acquiring content ahead of its U.S. launch. CEO and Founder Katia Loisel will also represent the “over-the-top” industry at the OTT Executive Summit in New York next month.
The Love Destination is currently capital raising. ##

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The Love Destination

THe Love Destination has been described as The “Netflix of love, dating and relationships,” a global digital video-on-demand network for everything love, dating and relationships. Producing and acquiring empowering, educational and entertaining content: accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device. By combining two billion-dollar markets, e-Learning (US$163 billion) and digital TV (US$36.5 billion), we fill the void in the digital TV marketplace. Launching 2018.

Our global mission is to help alleviate loneliness and disconnection, and inspire and empower women through everything love .

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